Monday, April 26, 2010

Reflecting On My Image

Sometimes, the best way to see yourself is through the eyes of someone else. Although my family has told me gently over the last few years, I guess I truly did not realize how overweight I had become. It wasn’t till today when I was talking to D at work when I truly understood how my eating has changed me.

First of all, for the record, Matt and I had already decided over the weekend we were going to start eating better starting today. Also, D and I decided the same thing last week while discussing our weight. Me and her are both going to keep food journals and then let each other read it weekly to make sure we are both staying on track. This is a good system for me as long as I stay honest. I want to be honest. Of course, weekends are always hard since I tend to eat out a lot.

Today while D and I were talking about how we are going to eat better she saw my badge (which has my picture on it) and commented on how different I looked. At the time, I simply responded by saying I had gained all 20 pounds I had lost on Weight Watchers back. As I reflected on this conversation later in the day (at home), I realized how true and sad this statement was. That picture was taken the day before Thanksgiving last year. In 5 short months I have gained SO much weight. No wonder my clothes no longer fit properly!

I ate good today.
Still need to work on drinking more water though. Speaking of water, I am going to drink a full cup with my pills right now.

I drank my full cup of water with my pills!

Here’s what I ate today:
Bowl of Honey nut Cheerios with skim milk
(I did not measure my portions, but will begin soon)

No snack… was too busy

12 Ritz crackers with 2 servings of Laughing Cow cheese

2 clementines

Chicken Sausage
Green Beans

3 clementines

I am still hungry; I need to have more fulfilling meals tomorrow. I plan on going to Kroger so I will make sure I get some more fruits and vegetables.

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