Monday, April 19, 2010


I am sure I spelt the title of this blog wrong... oh well!

If you are like me and enjoy printing coupons, don’t procrastinate like me. Once again I have missed out on a wonderful coupon by not printing it right when I see it. It was a Target coupon for $5 off a purse… which apparently there are a bunch on clearance for $5 - $10. I saw some pictures of ones people had bought and blogged about - I would have liked a few of them.


Target seems to remove the good coupons really quick so I need to start printing them on Sunday when I first look at them.
This is not the first time I have seen a coupon on Target’s website that I waited too long to print.
Maybe now I will learn to stop being lazy and bring my laptop to the printer for my coupons.
In other news I got my $2.99 rebate check from the Purex fabric softener I bought a month or two ago. Made it free! Matt did you get yours?

I need to place this in the bank along with my $5 Johnson and Johnson mail in rebate before they expire. Maybe I should just do every mail in rebate I find and put those funds into a separate account??? Hhhmmm….
I don’t think this will work too well though since I would have to spend money to make money. I keep waiting for CVS or Walgreen’s to have a good money maker so I can buy some items I have been wanting but don’t need. Plus I need to re-stockpile many of my items that have been running. What happened to the days when Walgreen’s always had good items?

Someone stole my Sunday paper!
I suppose I should get over it, but I find it very annoying. Just because I have not been home all weekend does not entitle someone to take it. I thought about posting a note on my front door that said “Whoever stole my newspaper: please return it to me since I pay for it!” Doubt it would have worked though. All I really want are my coupons – the only reason I buy the paper. (Don’t need it for the ads since you can view them all online.)

I forgot to call the vet today to see if I could make Wyatt a grooming appointment. It is warm now and he desperately needs a haircut. I also need to get him some more medicine before he runs out. I wrote myself a note to call tomorrow.
I was proud of us for walking today. I am sure it was less then a mile, but at least we got some exercise into our day. I will do this again tomorrow. I could have kept going, but he seemed a bit tired and was slowing down.

Because I am a goober, I cannot find the cord to my camera. Luckily I knew I could place my chip into my camera to get the pictures off. Enjoy these from my mom’s plants:
I have always loved this tree when it blooms!
It leaves a pretty "blanket".
Remember these?
My mom now uses it for her gardening, but I remember riding in it.
The newer ones are plastic now.
And $100!
I'm sure it is money well spent though. 

What do you think about my new Easter/Spring decorations?
Do you like them even more after I tell you I got all three items for $2.50 from Kroger?
I thought they were too cute to pass.

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