Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mind Over Matter

I avoided the doughnuts at work today! Who hoo!
Go me!

I was nervous I would take one and scarf it down in four quick bites. I kept eyeballing them and thinking about how easy it would to eat without D seeing me. They were on a cabinet within my sight. If I looked up, there they were sitting. I was good though, I didn't touch them. I didn't want to disappoint my diet buddy. D said she felt the same way about them. I am glad we both steered away from the temptation. We must be stronger then we think. Sometimes, I surprise myself. I am feeling good about my diet this time. I think I can do it. I am still debating if I want to join Weight Watchers online - might be worth it. I think it would be nice to look at all the recipes and build my own. I think it will make dieting easier for me. Right now, I am not counting points - I know I will have to if I join online.

I'm still wanting my Ipod touch.
I WILL get one!
I can lose 10 pounds... too bad my time to do it is getting closer and closer. May 26 will be here before I know it. I will weigh myself in the morning and post it on here to keep me accurate and not cheat. I think I am 180 - 183 pounds. I would check right now, but I do not want to know what it is after a day of eating.

I went to Kroger today and spent the $20 I had on my Kroger Plus shopping card for filling another prescription. The prescription was $10 so I made a $10 profit. Spent another $13 on top of the discount. I felt got some good items for what I spent – I only used 1 coupon. I had to buy a bunch of “staple” items.

Today I have ate:
Big bowl of Honey nut Cheerios with skim milk

2 clementines
Handful of almonds

Fiber Plus bar
2 clementines
(Wanted to go to Subway, but got lost on the way and didn't have time on my 30 minute lunch. Amazing I didn’t eat a doughnut right?)

2 homemade egg, cheese and ham egg “muffins”
(I wanted to eat out, but I choose to buy all the ingredients to make these instead.)

1 clementine

I'm sure I will eat something else before the evening is over.

(Here’s my weekend recap – sorry it is late!)
Since it was pouring, Matt and I shopped and went to a local candy shop in downtown Louisville. It is called Moth's. We would have had more fun, but we had to rush from the car to the store and then back in the rain.
Here are the pictures:

It was kinda expensive for what we got. It didn’t taste any different from Hershey's. At least Matt and I can say we pumped some money into the local economy. Plus, it is a shared experience we now have.
(Can you tell how hard it was raining?)


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