Sunday, April 11, 2010

Please Grow, Tomato Plant

I decided to break these posts up since I wanted to show a bunch of pictures from my weekend and I planned on writing a lot. Plus, I feel I have been slacking during the past few weeks so this will make it look like I have posted more then I really have :)

Hope you appreciate this because I could be watching Twilight right now for the twentieth time!
Just kidding!

Please note this message is on my last post of the day…. My mom hates when I write it on my first post since it ends up being the last post message she reads.

Did you follow that?
*Eye Roll*
Today Matt and I did some shopping at Target and Walgreen’s. Target currently has all there Easter merchandise, including candy, on sale for 90% off. For $3 - $4 we got some Pez and chocolate. I was hoping to find some decorations, but had no luck. I did get these cool “dunking” cups for $0.24 each.
(I got one for you Mom.) Now I will be all set for next year. Time got away from me this year so I ended up not painting any eggs, but last year I had the coloring in paper cups that were not wide enough for the eggs. Next year I will be more successful. More streamlined for the ducking and storing and whatever else comes my way during the coloring process.

Walgreen’s by my house did not have the shaving cream I wanted to buy ($3 then get back $3 RR) so I used my expiring today $4 RR on dryer sheets and 2 packages of Fiber Plus bars. The Fiber Plus bars gave me $1 RR.
I would like to buy some more newspapers this week so I will go look at another Walgreen’s tomorrow to see if they have the shaving gel and with those RRs I will purchase my newspapers.
I miss the old days of RRs…. Seemed like they used to have better deals going on all the time. Or maybe it is my fault since I have not been so good at buying and clipping coupons. I will get better or else I will start running out of more items such as toilet paper. I need a good deal on toilet paper. I am down to 2 packages of 12 rolls left. I haven’t been this low in over a year!
Good grief!

We had lunch at Chili’s before Matt left. They have a promo going on right now for $9.99 which includes half a portion of most any appetizer and then choose a meal. I had the half rack of ribs and Matt had some sort of steak sandwich.
We both enjoyed our meals. I wish I had cooked lunch, but this was better. I need to eat a chicken salad tonight before all my ingredients go bad.
Look what I planted today:

Those are 2 grape tomato plants I purchased at Lowe’s yesterday and placed in my borrowed pot from G that he placed some dirt in for me. I am determined to make these live and grow. I WILL remember to water them everyday with there plant food.
This is my goal.
I want to plant cucumbers too – but I wont press my luck.
I will start off small.
My deck does get 6+ hours of sun light so I am hoping and praying these do well.

Wish me luck!

Check out what Matt bought me this week since he knows how obsessed I am.
I would have never known they had one.... he found it on ebay. Lots of movie related items to cook. Maybe I will actuall y use this cookbook since I cannot get over the series. Most of the recipies are easy simple like these ones:

Hope you have a good night. I am going to let Wyatt out and then take a shower and watch TV.


  1. you will need to water your tomato plant... LOL

  2. I have been doing good watering it everyday! It has been getting bigger and bigger as the days go on. I can hardly wait until it starts to produce!