Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fun At The Zoo

Yesterday was a wonderful outdoor day!

We started off the day by sleeping in and lounging around the house.
This was a great way to kick off this wonderful weekend!

I knew I wanted to go to the flea market since it was going on this weekend. However, I didn’t enjoy myself as much as last month. They had the same booths there. I think we will only go every few months. I had planned on buying more monogrammed tiles from the lady I bought my last one from, but her prices were $3 more then last time!
What the heck!?!?!?!?!
So I guess she sold so many last time that she thought she could charge more?
Too bad her once crowded booth was empty this time. I bet lots of people realized she raised her prices.
Needles to say, I did not buy anything from her this time.
All I bought was a bracelet for $1. (i'll take a picture of it one of these days.) It is red, white and blue with stars and flags on it.
I plan on wearing it on the 4th of July.
Along with my patriotic pin I bought from Belk last year (that I forgot to wear!).

We also got $3 snow cones… a bit expensive, but Matt knew I really wanted one. Luckily, we weren’t the only ones sporting red and blue tongues.

Next stop….
The Louisville Zoo!

When we first pulled up I thought, “We should just go home – it is packed!”
Matt made me suck it up and go stand in line. If I must admit it, the line wasn’t too bad nor were the crowds. Guess everyone had the same idea for the beautiful day.
I did buy a year membership for $70 so I need to go at LEAST 4 times to feel I got my money worth. It does go to a good cause either way.
We had fun there.
Since I didn’t plan on going, I did not have my camera to snap millions of pictures. However, Matt has an iPhone so I did get a few. (This is an understatement since I took about 40 pictures of the giraffes. They were so cute. And as you know, they are my absolute favorite!)

Please enjoy:

Before we ever left the house, we played with my favorite animal in the whole world, WYATT!
This is him being a cat!
(Matt's idea)
I do think he enjoyed himself at first though.

He is SO cute!


  1. He is my favorite 'cat'!! I liked the Louisville zoo. We did not get to see the apes outside - we were there when it was still cool outside. But I remember they were beautiful animals! Hope we can go there together.

  2. We will go together as soon as we get a chance! I enjoy the zoo!