Saturday, April 24, 2010

Edward's Story

Yesterday as I was waiting for Matt to get here, I went back online to Oprah’s website to see what I missed on the show today. The episode, I couldn’t find, but what I did find was old interviews with Stephanie Meyers (the author) and some of the cast members. Stephanie was asked several good questions about the books and movies so I recommend watching them. One of the questions she was asked was about one of her drafts being stolen and leaked onto the internet. She said it was true. It was almost finished – missing about 12 more pages so she decided to post it on her website since millions of people had already read it. Of course I was interested and had to go to her website to read it for myself.

It is AWESOME!!!

It is the Twilight book from Edward’s perspective.
All of the questions I have will probably be answered now. I am on Chapter 3 and will probably finish the 268 pages when Matt leaves. It is very interesting. I liked the conversations Edward has with his family…. They fill in the gaps the books left.

Check it out HERE.

Oprah ended up re-airing at 10:30 PM last night so I got to see what I missed. If you missed it.... don't fell sad or mad. It wasn't anything worthwhile. They Had Dakota Fanning on streamline video from her house. She is not my favorite and they barely discussed the movie.
However, mark your calender.... May 13th show will be all about Twilight and MOST of the characters will be there including...





Don't miss it! Of course, I will probably have to tape it since I wont be home. :( Go figure!

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