Friday, April 23, 2010

Eclipse Trailer!!! Who hoo!!!

The official trailer for the new Twilight movie – Eclipse is out now!

Who hoo!

(Don’t forget it comes to theaters and IMAX on June 30 – Matt, I wanna see it in IMAX! It will be like we are in Forks, WA!)
You can view it online at Oprah’s website… CLICK HERE!
I forgot to watch Oprah today since the whole episode was all about Twilight. I will have to look online tonight to see if someone posted it.= so I can watch it. How do I always forget these things?

In other “news”…
I keep getting asked if I have blogged. (Every night by my mom and Matt)
I keep saying "No - nothing interesting has happened to me."
This is a honest statement.
Matt told me to make something up!
Ha ha ha!
I’m not that imaginative.
I want to blog, but that would consist of having something worthwhile to say.

It finally started to rain this morning. The news and have been saying there was a chance all week. I am hoping it will pass us before tomorrow because Matt and I were planning on going to tour the Jim Beam and Member's Mark distilleries. Now what will do if it rains? I am sure we will find something. It is just a matter of what we will do. I rented some movies for tonight since we both have had long work weeks. I know we are going to go to Target to go shopping at some point this weekend - I am hoping to find some really good deals to use my $2 off any sock coupons and $3 off any shirt coupons. I have read other blogs who write about finding free or almost free items and I would like to be able to find the same awesome deals.
Lucky for me, I enjoy going to a few Target stores in one day. I am very glad I live so close to so many good ones.
Next weekend Harris Teeter is tripling coupons up to $0.99! Up to 20 coupons per purchase!
I am extremely excited - I have not been to one of these events since before I moved. I love all the free items I am able to "purchase" with my coupons.

I am regretting not buying more newspapers over the last few weeks. Surly I will still be able "purchase" a bunch of FREE items. I need to stock my cabinets with more FREE items. I fear I do not have a lot of coupons that are less than $0.99 for this event. Maybe this Sunday will have some good ones for me to use. If so, I will stock up. Wish they didn’t cost $1.75! I miss TN where I could go to the Dollar Tree and get them for $1 :(

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