Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cool Cart Thingy

I am surprised I did not receive a late night text message telling me I forgot to blog about the coolest cart thingy in the WORLD! While home visiting my mom, she took me to the newest Harris Teeter store since I love that grocery store - we do not have it here. :(
It is by far the coolest Harris Teeter I have ever been to! I will even say it is the coolest grocery store I have ever been to! It is 2 floors like one of the other ones in town, but check out this awesome cart/buggie mover:
The parking garage is downstairs in the basement. You should have heard my mom on the car ride there.... no matter how many items she bought, she was going to take a cart downstairs. (Apparently she did not do this last time she was there.)
I will say, I was slightly fascinated with how it worked. It isn't everyday you see this type of thing.


  1. Maybe I need to get out more....

  2. LOL! I feel that way all the time when I am easily amazed!