Monday, April 5, 2010

Castle Heights Chop House

For my daily readers (Mom and Matt), I apologize I am posting this late. I had a nice/busy weekend and did not really get online - and when I was online, I did not want to blog. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort for me to sit down and write what I am thinking. Nice excuse right? :)

I will start with Saturday....

Saturday we met my grandparents at a wonderful restaurant called "Castle Heights Chop House" in Lebanon, TN
Such a good restaurant with a wonderful background story... it used to be a military school. The restaurant is actually located inside the Headmaster's house. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy - it was such a beautiful day. CLICK HERE to see the website.

This is where we ate.
The door to enter where the bar is.
This was where classes were held.
More buildings for the school.
Walls to show we - Americans - do remember who fought and fell to help protect our freedom.


Don't forget that!
This is the soup I ordered with my meal.
It was yummy!
Wish I had more to eat.
I forgot to take a picture of meal.
So you get to see what it looked like when I got full and started to slow down.

If you are ever in the area, I would recommend going to eat here. The prices were fair, the portions were good, and view was spectacular!

Sunday my mom, G, and I went to look at washers and dryers on sale at Sear's. (I kinda felt bad they were the only store in the mall opened on Easter.)
For about $830 plus tax, I could have got the Kenmore 400 series washer and dryer. To me, they did not seem very big, but I am not picky since it will be in my home and I have the option of doing as many loads as I need to do. After talking to my parents, they decided to drive to Nashville to look at Sear's scratch and dent outlet. (I had to drive back home for work today.) I am so thankfully we decided to wait and they went there for me. For about $800, after tax, my parents bought me the Kenmore 600 series washer and dryer. These are bigger, thus hold more clothes and my big comforters.
My parents will be delivering them on Friday or Saturday.

I am so excited!

I plan on washing EVERYTHING in my house!

Maybe the smoke smell will go away quicker.

I feel like I am moving up in the world!


It is the little things that mean the most. It will be so nice to be able to do laundry whenever I want instead of going to the laundry mat at my apartment or bringing my laundry home to my mom's house. I am sure my parents will love when I come over and not have 2+ laundry baskets of clothes to be washed.
Thank you both so VERY MUCH for buying these for me! I will use them for years to come! I GREATLY appreciate them already!
I will be sure to have a nice dinner or lunch when you are here delivering them.

Yesterday when I did get home, it was 78 degrees in my home!
Hot and humid! Although I did attempt to open the windows and let the wind blow in, I was forced to turn the air on. I still only took it to 75 degrees, but it feels great in here. I also have my fan blowing next to me to help circulate the air. I hate that I had to turn the air on so early in the season – we went from winter to summer – but I am glad I am able to tolerate the temperature at 75 degrees.

I went and got a haircut today. I decided to try out the local hair place next to Kroger. I feel the guy did a good job. The true test will be tomorrow when I am straightening it.

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