Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Don't Hit The Ducks At Target

Check out these "neato" things we saw this weekend while out shopping. I figured they were worth posting. Maybe you will say "Awww" and "What an idiot" like I did.

These ducks are always around the mall and Target.
Here they are just chilling at Target... right in front of the store. They didn't mind how close us humans were to them. Others, not just me, were getting close to them. They were probably wanting food.
 I stopped to take a few pictures of them - look what this one started to do!
I sure hope that isn't oil in the water.
And if it is, I hope it doesn't make him sick!
When I first moved here, Matt and I went to the mall and these same birds were crossing the street. They live in the pond by the mall. So sweet!

Look at this idiot!
You don't even need me to comment on this.


Ha ha ha!

Mind Over Matter

I avoided the doughnuts at work today! Who hoo!
Go me!

I was nervous I would take one and scarf it down in four quick bites. I kept eyeballing them and thinking about how easy it would to eat without D seeing me. They were on a cabinet within my sight. If I looked up, there they were sitting. I was good though, I didn't touch them. I didn't want to disappoint my diet buddy. D said she felt the same way about them. I am glad we both steered away from the temptation. We must be stronger then we think. Sometimes, I surprise myself. I am feeling good about my diet this time. I think I can do it. I am still debating if I want to join Weight Watchers online - might be worth it. I think it would be nice to look at all the recipes and build my own. I think it will make dieting easier for me. Right now, I am not counting points - I know I will have to if I join online.

I'm still wanting my Ipod touch.
I WILL get one!
I can lose 10 pounds... too bad my time to do it is getting closer and closer. May 26 will be here before I know it. I will weigh myself in the morning and post it on here to keep me accurate and not cheat. I think I am 180 - 183 pounds. I would check right now, but I do not want to know what it is after a day of eating.

I went to Kroger today and spent the $20 I had on my Kroger Plus shopping card for filling another prescription. The prescription was $10 so I made a $10 profit. Spent another $13 on top of the discount. I felt got some good items for what I spent – I only used 1 coupon. I had to buy a bunch of “staple” items.

Today I have ate:
Big bowl of Honey nut Cheerios with skim milk

2 clementines
Handful of almonds

Fiber Plus bar
2 clementines
(Wanted to go to Subway, but got lost on the way and didn't have time on my 30 minute lunch. Amazing I didn’t eat a doughnut right?)

2 homemade egg, cheese and ham egg “muffins”
(I wanted to eat out, but I choose to buy all the ingredients to make these instead.)

1 clementine

I'm sure I will eat something else before the evening is over.

(Here’s my weekend recap – sorry it is late!)
Since it was pouring, Matt and I shopped and went to a local candy shop in downtown Louisville. It is called Moth's. We would have had more fun, but we had to rush from the car to the store and then back in the rain.
Here are the pictures:

It was kinda expensive for what we got. It didn’t taste any different from Hershey's. At least Matt and I can say we pumped some money into the local economy. Plus, it is a shared experience we now have.
(Can you tell how hard it was raining?)


Monday, April 26, 2010

Reflecting On My Image

Sometimes, the best way to see yourself is through the eyes of someone else. Although my family has told me gently over the last few years, I guess I truly did not realize how overweight I had become. It wasn’t till today when I was talking to D at work when I truly understood how my eating has changed me.

First of all, for the record, Matt and I had already decided over the weekend we were going to start eating better starting today. Also, D and I decided the same thing last week while discussing our weight. Me and her are both going to keep food journals and then let each other read it weekly to make sure we are both staying on track. This is a good system for me as long as I stay honest. I want to be honest. Of course, weekends are always hard since I tend to eat out a lot.

Today while D and I were talking about how we are going to eat better she saw my badge (which has my picture on it) and commented on how different I looked. At the time, I simply responded by saying I had gained all 20 pounds I had lost on Weight Watchers back. As I reflected on this conversation later in the day (at home), I realized how true and sad this statement was. That picture was taken the day before Thanksgiving last year. In 5 short months I have gained SO much weight. No wonder my clothes no longer fit properly!

I ate good today.
Still need to work on drinking more water though. Speaking of water, I am going to drink a full cup with my pills right now.

I drank my full cup of water with my pills!

Here’s what I ate today:
Bowl of Honey nut Cheerios with skim milk
(I did not measure my portions, but will begin soon)

No snack… was too busy

12 Ritz crackers with 2 servings of Laughing Cow cheese

2 clementines

Chicken Sausage
Green Beans

3 clementines

I am still hungry; I need to have more fulfilling meals tomorrow. I plan on going to Kroger so I will make sure I get some more fruits and vegetables.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Edward's Story

Yesterday as I was waiting for Matt to get here, I went back online to Oprah’s website to see what I missed on the show today. The episode, I couldn’t find, but what I did find was old interviews with Stephanie Meyers (the author) and some of the cast members. Stephanie was asked several good questions about the books and movies so I recommend watching them. One of the questions she was asked was about one of her drafts being stolen and leaked onto the internet. She said it was true. It was almost finished – missing about 12 more pages so she decided to post it on her website since millions of people had already read it. Of course I was interested and had to go to her website to read it for myself.

It is AWESOME!!!

It is the Twilight book from Edward’s perspective.
All of the questions I have will probably be answered now. I am on Chapter 3 and will probably finish the 268 pages when Matt leaves. It is very interesting. I liked the conversations Edward has with his family…. They fill in the gaps the books left.

Check it out HERE.

Oprah ended up re-airing at 10:30 PM last night so I got to see what I missed. If you missed it.... don't fell sad or mad. It wasn't anything worthwhile. They Had Dakota Fanning on streamline video from her house. She is not my favorite and they barely discussed the movie.
However, mark your calender.... May 13th show will be all about Twilight and MOST of the characters will be there including...





Don't miss it! Of course, I will probably have to tape it since I wont be home. :( Go figure!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Eclipse Trailer!!! Who hoo!!!

The official trailer for the new Twilight movie – Eclipse is out now!

Who hoo!

(Don’t forget it comes to theaters and IMAX on June 30 – Matt, I wanna see it in IMAX! It will be like we are in Forks, WA!)
You can view it online at Oprah’s website… CLICK HERE!
I forgot to watch Oprah today since the whole episode was all about Twilight. I will have to look online tonight to see if someone posted it.= so I can watch it. How do I always forget these things?

In other “news”…
I keep getting asked if I have blogged. (Every night by my mom and Matt)
I keep saying "No - nothing interesting has happened to me."
This is a honest statement.
Matt told me to make something up!
Ha ha ha!
I’m not that imaginative.
I want to blog, but that would consist of having something worthwhile to say.

It finally started to rain this morning. The news and have been saying there was a chance all week. I am hoping it will pass us before tomorrow because Matt and I were planning on going to tour the Jim Beam and Member's Mark distilleries. Now what will do if it rains? I am sure we will find something. It is just a matter of what we will do. I rented some movies for tonight since we both have had long work weeks. I know we are going to go to Target to go shopping at some point this weekend - I am hoping to find some really good deals to use my $2 off any sock coupons and $3 off any shirt coupons. I have read other blogs who write about finding free or almost free items and I would like to be able to find the same awesome deals.
Lucky for me, I enjoy going to a few Target stores in one day. I am very glad I live so close to so many good ones.
Next weekend Harris Teeter is tripling coupons up to $0.99! Up to 20 coupons per purchase!
I am extremely excited - I have not been to one of these events since before I moved. I love all the free items I am able to "purchase" with my coupons.

I am regretting not buying more newspapers over the last few weeks. Surly I will still be able "purchase" a bunch of FREE items. I need to stock my cabinets with more FREE items. I fear I do not have a lot of coupons that are less than $0.99 for this event. Maybe this Sunday will have some good ones for me to use. If so, I will stock up. Wish they didn’t cost $1.75! I miss TN where I could go to the Dollar Tree and get them for $1 :(

Run, Run, As Fast As You Can

Run.... Don't walk to your nearest Kroger if you and/or your dog loves clementines!
I stopped there after work for a few things and they had clementines $1.99 for a 3 pound bag!

I bought some on Monday, but I am pretty sure I paid $3.99 for them.
This could just be a local sale, but it is worth checking out!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Is worm free!
That’s right – after 3 months, my dog has no worms!

Thank goodness!

Wyatt and I went on a nice walk after we went to the vet. He was sure glad to be out of there.
They didn’t even touch him!
I brought in his fresh poop to be tested and they gave me more pills for him and that was all.
He is just my big baby.
But that is okay, he takes after his mom!

This is the view from inside my apartment, but you can imagine how big it looked when I pulled into the parking lot after I got off work.
What an eyesore!
I could see it when i first pulled into the neighborhood!
Why did my new neighbor have to get a gigantic satellite dish and why did they have to block my view? It is A LOT larger then all the other ones I see.
They could have used the other side of the balcony and I would not have cared one bit. I am not going to let this bother me though. Now, I will not feel guilty when I water my plant and it drips onto there porch.
Take that!

Monday, April 19, 2010


I am sure I spelt the title of this blog wrong... oh well!

If you are like me and enjoy printing coupons, don’t procrastinate like me. Once again I have missed out on a wonderful coupon by not printing it right when I see it. It was a Target coupon for $5 off a purse… which apparently there are a bunch on clearance for $5 - $10. I saw some pictures of ones people had bought and blogged about - I would have liked a few of them.


Target seems to remove the good coupons really quick so I need to start printing them on Sunday when I first look at them.
This is not the first time I have seen a coupon on Target’s website that I waited too long to print.
Maybe now I will learn to stop being lazy and bring my laptop to the printer for my coupons.
In other news I got my $2.99 rebate check from the Purex fabric softener I bought a month or two ago. Made it free! Matt did you get yours?

I need to place this in the bank along with my $5 Johnson and Johnson mail in rebate before they expire. Maybe I should just do every mail in rebate I find and put those funds into a separate account??? Hhhmmm….
I don’t think this will work too well though since I would have to spend money to make money. I keep waiting for CVS or Walgreen’s to have a good money maker so I can buy some items I have been wanting but don’t need. Plus I need to re-stockpile many of my items that have been running. What happened to the days when Walgreen’s always had good items?

Someone stole my Sunday paper!
I suppose I should get over it, but I find it very annoying. Just because I have not been home all weekend does not entitle someone to take it. I thought about posting a note on my front door that said “Whoever stole my newspaper: please return it to me since I pay for it!” Doubt it would have worked though. All I really want are my coupons – the only reason I buy the paper. (Don’t need it for the ads since you can view them all online.)

I forgot to call the vet today to see if I could make Wyatt a grooming appointment. It is warm now and he desperately needs a haircut. I also need to get him some more medicine before he runs out. I wrote myself a note to call tomorrow.
I was proud of us for walking today. I am sure it was less then a mile, but at least we got some exercise into our day. I will do this again tomorrow. I could have kept going, but he seemed a bit tired and was slowing down.

Because I am a goober, I cannot find the cord to my camera. Luckily I knew I could place my chip into my camera to get the pictures off. Enjoy these from my mom’s plants:
I have always loved this tree when it blooms!
It leaves a pretty "blanket".
Remember these?
My mom now uses it for her gardening, but I remember riding in it.
The newer ones are plastic now.
And $100!
I'm sure it is money well spent though. 

What do you think about my new Easter/Spring decorations?
Do you like them even more after I tell you I got all three items for $2.50 from Kroger?
I thought they were too cute to pass.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

You Don't Say?!?!?!

I love making money… especially easy money!

I have sold 2 items online already today!
Hoping to sell at least 2 more before the day is over. That's my goal!
I am up $25 from selling items I no longer have a need for. I enjoy making money this way. Whatever doesn't sell, I usually bring to Goodwill, but now I only have DVDs and Wii games left. Nothing good, trust me. 

I am loving how pretty it is outside and that I am able to drive with the windows rolled down. Wyatt's kind of day! He loves the windows down so he can stick his whole upper body at the window and enjoy the cool fresh air. I wish all days were like today. I think it is about 65 degrees - sun is out and a nice breeze is even blowing.
I drove around this morning for garage sales, but I only came across 2 - neither one seemed promising. Guess it is just too nice of a day to sit around trying to sell stuff.
Not for me though – not online at least.
Matt and I plan on going to Nashville to shop, eat and have some fun. I was thinking mini golf, he is thinking a game room. Guess we will see who comes out the winner on choosing what we do.

Best news of all…

I tried to turn my washed camera on – it didn’t turn on.
So I thought to myself, “Hmmm… maybe it just needs to be charged.”
I placed it on the charger to see if the light would come on.
It didn’t.
Then, for whatever reason I decided to turn it on while still on the charger.
And guess what?
It actually turned on!
The picture quality is also back to normal!
How awesome!
So now I am thinking it needs a new battery.
Matt is going to order me one online from eBay.
It should be here be next weekend. Fingers crossed that it works!
I will be ecstatic if it does!
This will save me/Matt money! Plus, I will no longer feel guilty for ruining it!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lots of Explanation Points!

I went and bought a pack of Starburst to get it out of my system.

Okay, okay!

I wont lie to you!

I bought 2 packs!


So pushy!

Quit bugging me!
I have almost ate all of them and I promise I wont buy anymore. I do kinda regret buying them, but at the time I really wanted them.
I have decided I want an Ipod touch in exchange for losing weight. I mentioned it at work today and this guy I work with has one. He let me hold his and look through it. Did you know it has internet on it? Very convenient for surfing the web at any location with free Wi-fi. How great would it be to have one of these?
I want one so bad now!
$300 though.
A bit pricey.
It will be worth it.
I really do need to lose the some weight in order to buy this. This is a good bribe. Matt even told me he would buy me a new camera if I lose even more weight.
I got a washer and dryer last weekend and now I could potentially have a new Ipod AND camera. No need for a Christmas/Birthday list for now. (If I lose the weight.)

I rented the movie “How To Be” starring Robert Pattinson who plays Edward in the Twilight series. It was awful - it didn't even bother watching the whole movie! Don’t waste your money by renting it. I hate British movies. I was thinking since I liked him as Edward maybe I would like him in this movie. This was not the case.
In the Twilight series he sounds so “American”!
I knew he was from London, but goodness!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just 10 Pounds

I just did my taxes; with one day to spare!

Thankfully, I do not owe anything!
Unlike my brother! Sorry R!
I am getting back about $140 from Federal and about $100 from State. I was hoping to get back more…. but like I already said, at least I don’t owe anything.
I think this deserves a new Ipod or camera… if I lose 10 pounds before my next doctor appointment which is about a month away. Sounds like a good deal to me. I just hope I can do it. I work well with bribes, usually, but nothing has gotten me to lose any weight since I moved. I truly do want to lose weight… I hate being fat – I just can’t stop eating; especially junk!

No more excuses though.

I can do this!

I am embarrassed to go back to the doctor for more blood to be drawn and allow her to see no changes in my blood work or in my weight. I want her to see I am at least trying to lower EVERYTHING. I really like this doctor and want to make a good impression. (Funny, yet true.)

I pulled the salmon my mom gave me out of the freezer and placed in the fridge to cook for dinner tomorrow. I went to Kroger today and was going to buy more, but all they had was farm raised. I prefer wild. I will buy some next time I am at my mom’s house since I plan to eat more fish, veggies, and fruit. I need to buy some tilapia as well.
I MUST do this!
I am about 180 pounds right now… 170 will slim my face down some which will be nice.

Kroger was good to me today…
Monday I went to the dermatologist who touched my face, told me I had adult acne, and prescribed me a daily oral pill and face gel. I sure missed my calling when it came to picking out a profession. Such an easy job… at least when it comes to acne. I was hardly even there. I was worried they were going to scrap my face or something and here she did nothing! My kind of doctor! He he he!

Oh ya, Kroger was what I was talking about…

In the mail my mom and I got coupons for $20 towards groceries when you fill a current prescription, transfer a prescription, or start a new one. Get this – my 30 day supply was $5.50 (ish) and I used the coupon to buy some groceries that ended up being $2.50 (ish)! I would have taken a picture, but I only used 2 coupons and mostly bought stuff I was out of like peanut butter.
I love using coupons for free money when filling prescriptions!
I still have to fill my face gel prescription once I get another coupon. Meijers has one for $25 towards groceries, but I already threw out my newspaper! I was hoping Kroger had some to buy – they didn’t!

I will check another store tomorrow.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Please Grow, Tomato Plant

I decided to break these posts up since I wanted to show a bunch of pictures from my weekend and I planned on writing a lot. Plus, I feel I have been slacking during the past few weeks so this will make it look like I have posted more then I really have :)

Hope you appreciate this because I could be watching Twilight right now for the twentieth time!
Just kidding!

Please note this message is on my last post of the day…. My mom hates when I write it on my first post since it ends up being the last post message she reads.

Did you follow that?
*Eye Roll*
Today Matt and I did some shopping at Target and Walgreen’s. Target currently has all there Easter merchandise, including candy, on sale for 90% off. For $3 - $4 we got some Pez and chocolate. I was hoping to find some decorations, but had no luck. I did get these cool “dunking” cups for $0.24 each.
(I got one for you Mom.) Now I will be all set for next year. Time got away from me this year so I ended up not painting any eggs, but last year I had the coloring in paper cups that were not wide enough for the eggs. Next year I will be more successful. More streamlined for the ducking and storing and whatever else comes my way during the coloring process.

Walgreen’s by my house did not have the shaving cream I wanted to buy ($3 then get back $3 RR) so I used my expiring today $4 RR on dryer sheets and 2 packages of Fiber Plus bars. The Fiber Plus bars gave me $1 RR.
I would like to buy some more newspapers this week so I will go look at another Walgreen’s tomorrow to see if they have the shaving gel and with those RRs I will purchase my newspapers.
I miss the old days of RRs…. Seemed like they used to have better deals going on all the time. Or maybe it is my fault since I have not been so good at buying and clipping coupons. I will get better or else I will start running out of more items such as toilet paper. I need a good deal on toilet paper. I am down to 2 packages of 12 rolls left. I haven’t been this low in over a year!
Good grief!

We had lunch at Chili’s before Matt left. They have a promo going on right now for $9.99 which includes half a portion of most any appetizer and then choose a meal. I had the half rack of ribs and Matt had some sort of steak sandwich.
We both enjoyed our meals. I wish I had cooked lunch, but this was better. I need to eat a chicken salad tonight before all my ingredients go bad.
Look what I planted today:

Those are 2 grape tomato plants I purchased at Lowe’s yesterday and placed in my borrowed pot from G that he placed some dirt in for me. I am determined to make these live and grow. I WILL remember to water them everyday with there plant food.
This is my goal.
I want to plant cucumbers too – but I wont press my luck.
I will start off small.
My deck does get 6+ hours of sun light so I am hoping and praying these do well.

Wish me luck!

Check out what Matt bought me this week since he knows how obsessed I am.
I would have never known they had one.... he found it on ebay. Lots of movie related items to cook. Maybe I will actuall y use this cookbook since I cannot get over the series. Most of the recipies are easy simple like these ones:

Hope you have a good night. I am going to let Wyatt out and then take a shower and watch TV.

Fun At The Zoo

Yesterday was a wonderful outdoor day!

We started off the day by sleeping in and lounging around the house.
This was a great way to kick off this wonderful weekend!

I knew I wanted to go to the flea market since it was going on this weekend. However, I didn’t enjoy myself as much as last month. They had the same booths there. I think we will only go every few months. I had planned on buying more monogrammed tiles from the lady I bought my last one from, but her prices were $3 more then last time!
What the heck!?!?!?!?!
So I guess she sold so many last time that she thought she could charge more?
Too bad her once crowded booth was empty this time. I bet lots of people realized she raised her prices.
Needles to say, I did not buy anything from her this time.
All I bought was a bracelet for $1. (i'll take a picture of it one of these days.) It is red, white and blue with stars and flags on it.
I plan on wearing it on the 4th of July.
Along with my patriotic pin I bought from Belk last year (that I forgot to wear!).

We also got $3 snow cones… a bit expensive, but Matt knew I really wanted one. Luckily, we weren’t the only ones sporting red and blue tongues.

Next stop….
The Louisville Zoo!

When we first pulled up I thought, “We should just go home – it is packed!”
Matt made me suck it up and go stand in line. If I must admit it, the line wasn’t too bad nor were the crowds. Guess everyone had the same idea for the beautiful day.
I did buy a year membership for $70 so I need to go at LEAST 4 times to feel I got my money worth. It does go to a good cause either way.
We had fun there.
Since I didn’t plan on going, I did not have my camera to snap millions of pictures. However, Matt has an iPhone so I did get a few. (This is an understatement since I took about 40 pictures of the giraffes. They were so cute. And as you know, they are my absolute favorite!)

Please enjoy:

Before we ever left the house, we played with my favorite animal in the whole world, WYATT!
This is him being a cat!
(Matt's idea)
I do think he enjoyed himself at first though.

He is SO cute!