Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I feel all accomplished now!

I dusted all the solid surfaces in my home….
I vacuumed and Swiffered the floors….
I FULLY cleaned my bathroom….
And I washed all the dishes (I just need to put them away – later though).

Not bad, huh?

Today was the first day I have came home and not been smothered by cigarette smoke smells.
Whooo hoo!!!
The people below me moved out on Saturday evening and I have noticed they are now painting the apartment. I have all the windows open right now and the fan on the unit running to help air out the place. I think it is working. Wont be long now until my apartment is smoke free.
It’s about time!
Sorry to all of you who know me well and has had to tolerate all my complaints about the smells. I will stop. I promise. It is just so nice to not have to deal with it anymore.

So now I am watching the DVD Twilight in Forks.
Thankfully it was free after coupons because it is so boring. I am going to try to sell it online. It is not worth watching. I plan on turning it off once I am done being online. If you have seen it, didn’t you think it was lame? I swear Summit Entertainment is just trying to take advantage of all us obsessed Twilight fans!

While walking Wyatt earlier I met the grandmother of the guy who lives across the hall from me. She asked me if I knew her Matty… she said that is what she calls him. Very sweet lady. Told me to tell him she stopped by if I see him before she does.
And yes, I did tell her I didn’t know him when she asked me if I had seen him. I have honestly only seen him a handful of times… I’m not even sure what he looks like. In fact, I thought the girl I sometimes see is who lived there. Shows how little I know about my neighbor.

Today has been rainy and kinda dreary. But look at this beautiful tree!

The flowers on the tree are beginning to bloom!

I love the signs of Spring!

P.S. All pictures taken from now on will be from my old camera. The one Matt bought me for Christmas is completely ruined.

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