Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ahhhh…. New Moon

Please ignore the post below this one. I would delete, but I have decided I will keep it so I can look back on it and remember my initial reaction.

I will stop talking about the Twilight series’ movie New Moon until Eclipse comes to theater after I clear one thing up. (June 30 by the way!)
I watched New Moon a second time over the weekend…. when I was no longer tired and possibly grumpy.
Although I still love the first one the best, New Moon has grown on me and I love it as well. So glad I bought it. :)
I cannot wait to see the next movie in theater!
Honestly, I don’t remember the last time (if ever) when I was obsessed with something. I don’t think I loved N*SYNC and the Backstreet Boys as much as I love the Twilight series books (ESPECIALLY!!!) and the movies!
I feel like a teenager!
Gosh…. Imagine that!?!?!?!

By the way mom – I cannot wait to watch these with you. Not sure if you will like them. Maybe you should read the books first. I have bought a few of them at this point. You can borrow them when you have time to read them.

Okay, no more New Moon blogs for awhile….
Today after work I went to Wal-Mart and Target to buy a few things which was fun and gave me something to do to get out of the house. I was getting restless! Wyatt enjoyed the car ride – it was a nice and sunny day! Got up to 65 degrees.
I bought dinner from Chick-fil-a since I had a coupon for a free 3-piece chicken strip (from my calendar I got free for buying a $20 gift card back in December – each coupon has to be used during the month it is on). I was even good and bought a large fruit bowl instead of fries. Good thing Wyatt loves apples because that is mostly what it consisted of. For $3.19 plus tax it should have had a few more strawberry pieces and grapes. At least it was less fattening then the fries I could have ate. Plus, I have been craving some fruit. I have overpriced grapes and good priced strawberries in my fridge. I just need to wash and prepare them for lunch.
I ate the fruit cup first which filled me up so I still have one and a half chicken tenders to bring for lunch tomorrow along with my grapes and strawberries.

Oh, something worth mentioning.... if you have kids to buy presents for or want to stock up for Christmas giveaways or anything like that, CLICK HERE for a ton of toy and game coupons!
The best 2, in my opinion, are $5.00 off Monopoly which is currently on sale at Target for $7.00 making it $2.00 and $4.00 off Connect 4 currently priced at $7.00 - Plus use the $3.00 off coupon online to make this game FREE!!!!!
I think I will get a few games for Toys for Tots or something else going on at Christmas! Might as well stock up now while they are cheap!

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