Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Three blog postings in one day?

This must be a record!
I know it isn’t.
Maybe a record for me though.
This makes up for those days when I feel I have nothing interesting to post about and those days when I don’t feel like getting on the computer. (I stare at a computer all day at work…
I’m sure you think I am bored…
And I suppose I am a little….
But I shouldn’t be because I have work tomorrow and I do have a few things I need to accomplish tonight within the next two hours or less. Now whether or not I do any of them, that is a whole other blog post for another day.
I just wanted to tell you about the 2 movies Matt and I rented and watched from Redbox today. (I had a Redbox code and the thing did accept it, but when I put either of my cards in to pay, it said "promo already used"! I know I did not use that promo! So Matt tried his card and the same thing happened. I am going to assume somthing is wrong with that code so I will not bother posting it.)

We got Couple’s Retreat and The Stepfather.

Couple’s Retreat was a GREAT movie! I 100% recommend watching this one. I am a fan of Vince Vaughn’s so I knew I would enjoy it – just didn’t realize how much. It is about 4 couples of friends who go to a couple’s retreat together on a group rate. (Funny already huh?) Only one couple really wanted to go in the beginning, but…. Well, I don’t want to ruin it so that is all I am going to say about it. You can always read the summary about the movie online if you really want to know.
The Stepfather was an okay movie. It was pretty predictable and I hate watching people get killed. Don’t get me wrong, I love SUSPENSE movies… as long as I don’t see anyone being stabbed!

I only left the house with Matt to rent these movies and get lunch - I'll save grocery shopping for one day this week. Maybe I will even write out an actual grocery list that I actually stick to.
Stranger things have happened!

Hope you all had a nice and lazy Sunday!


Ice Sculptures

I almost forgot to post our trip to Sullivan’s bakery.

Look what they had outside:

These students are very talented!

Flea Market and Casino

I love when people come visit me and we go out and explore all there is to do in this city they call Louisville!
Was that a catchy first sentence?
Did it capture your interest?
Either way….

When my mom was here last weekend we (and when I say “we”, I mean she - I looked at the ads) read the Sunday paper. We she cut out an ad for the flea market at the Kentucky Expo Center this weekend. Since Matt was here we decided to go. The advertisement did not lie; it was huge! Tons of vendors! I don’t think I have ever been to such a large flea market.

I would guess there were over 300 vendors!

We walked down every single aisle!

I saw all sorts of things I wanted to buy! But I decided not to buy anything until I saw it all. (I had a flashback that I was in Mexico shopping and I needed to see everything so I knew I was getting a good. In Mexico, several vendors sell the same exact things for totally different prices. The first time I went there I paid more then I should have for a few items. Lesson learned!) In the end, this is what I got:

Matt bought me:
Beanie Baby Giraffe (I collect them)
Tile with stand
I wish I had bought another tile. I think they are adorable. She had a bunch of tiles with all different quotes. You can even customize a quote or a picture and she would mail you your finished product.
I even thought about opening this business on the side.
I looked up the process and how much it was to buy the machine ($3000 used on Craigslist…. Guess I wont be opening my side business after all). I still think you can make a lot of money doing this though. How fun would it be?!?!?! I could see my self going to flea markets and making a website to sell my creations!
(Looks good in my kitchen, right?)
I bought 2 t-shirts
100% of proceeds go to the cure for breast cancer.
$20 total
Normally, I would have not bought any t-shirts since I do not need them, but I always try to support this cause.

Mom, you should get Greg to make you this for yours:

Yesterday evening we went to the Casino! Kinda fun living an hour away and going for the evening. It is in Elizabeth, IN right after you go over the bridge into the state. Before leaving, we got the address from the casino’s website. Once in the car, my Garmin could not locate the address so I told Matt to just drive to Indian and surely there would be signs. But I was wrong! We drove 10 miles North into Indiana before I called my mom and asked her to look online for us. She told us to turn around. Apparently, you get off at the first exit once you are in Indiana. (Exit 123 in case you were wondering.) Then we turned the wrong way and took IN 111 North instead of South! Luckily, my mom found the correct address and my Garmin found it alright. (Very easy to get there once you have the correct directions.) And yes, once we got on the correct road there were signs advertising the casino.

We had fun!

Both of us were up after the first 30 minutes (me up $15 and Matt up $65).

Of course we both ended up losing.

I lost $30 and he lost $25 of our own money.

We did get a FREE buffet for playing though!

What a fiasco that was!

The sign said you receive a free buffet for playing 30 minutes and having 15 ‘something’ that I cannot remember. We were both over that amount but every time we put our reward card into the slot it kept saying no comps earned. We even went back to sign to make sure we were reading it right. So we kept playing.
To make a long story short, the place where we read the sign is where you placed your reward card to get the ticket for your free buffet. We didn’t know this until we went to leave.
At least we had a night of fun and a free, decent buffet.

Here is where we ate:

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Money Making Coupons

It is snowing…. AGAIN!!!!!!!

Where is Spring?
The warmer weather should be here by now. Matt and I had some plans today, but now I am not sure if we will even leave the house. We did go to Target and Walgreens last night. (I wasn’t going to post what I bought since I want to give some of it to my mom for her birthday, but I figured I’ll end up telling her how much they cost either way.)
4 Scotch Fur Fighters (2 refills)
Reg: $5.99
Sale price: $3.99
Used 4 $4.00 off coupons from HERE
***If you go to buy these, make sure you look all in the cleaning area and the pet area. I found them in the cleaning area, but not the 2 count. I thought they didn't have them. We then went over to the pet supplies and I found them on an end cap next to the dog leashes.

2 20 count Excedrin Menstrual Complete
Reg: $4.50
Sale price: $2.50 (was not marked – had to get price check)
Used 2 $2.00 off coupons
= $0.50
Got back $2.00 Register Rewards each!
$1.50 money maker!!!!

Matt brought his computer so I could print some coupons from his computer, but of course I can no longer find the $2.00 off coupons. :(
I was hoping to buy more Excedrin to make more money.

---Before writing this post I had to do some actual work for work (Sounds funny!)… I got up when I was done to take the above pictures and look where Wyatt moved to!

You would think he wanted to get online and surf the web!
Only my dog!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Smell Food

I Had to stay at work a hour and a half longer then usual since we had to be on a conference call to try and get one of our systems up and running so we would have the ‘All Clear’ for tomorrow. Sometimes, the most thought out plans do not work out as planned. However, tomorrow is a new day!
When I left work to go home the thought crossed my mind to stop and get some fast... you know… because I was hungry and didn’t want to cook and I was feeling tired. (I know you can relate to me even if you don’t want to admit it.)

I am proud to say I did not stop!

I went home and ate leftovers. I also made my jalapeño thingies which are so yummy. I shouldn’t have ate as many as I did especially since now I fear I consumed as many calories as I would had I ate out.
I WILL do better…. Eventually!
I need to watch my portion controls!

What can I say… I am an emotional eater to the ‘T’
Not proud, just saying.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm $14.75 Richer :)

Yesterday, the doctor gave me two prescriptions to have filled so I decided to fill one of them today, and the other tomorrow at two different places.
I’m sure you are wondering: Why weirdo?

I’m more then happy to tell you!

And I fully recommend doing this.
In the past, I had read on other people’s blogs how they make money from having new prescriptions filled or by transferring current prescriptions and I figured that could be me. I researched online and found I could get a $20 credit to use on my next purchase at Meijer’s by using there store coupon when buying the new prescription. Unfortunately, you can only use it once per household. Luckily, you can get a $10 gift card from Target when you get a new prescription filled there.
This was my original plan.
But look what came out of the register when I checked out!
$20 off my next purchase (which I knew about)
$10 off any prescription refill

I would rather fill it there since it is convenient and I get the same amount of money!
My prescription was $5.15 – meaning I MADE $14.75 by taking a few minutes online to see where I should fill it!
I looked all over online for deals at Walgreens, CVS and Riteaid since I remember people writing how they got more money going there. All I could find was for when you transferred your prescriptions, but I could not use those since these were new. If you need any help on searching for these feel free to let me know. I am happy to help.

Here’s my baby watching me take my pictures:
Such a sweet face!


P.S. Mom, I ate the sausage you bought me from Whole Foods.... so yummy! I plan on taking the other one to lunch tomorrow. Thanks!

Monday, February 22, 2010

You Want My Blood?

What a day it has been for me!

Went to work today which went well for me… maybe it was because I left early at 1:30 PM for a doctor appointment…
Right when I got off, I went to that doctor appointment.
Very scary for me…. they drew blood!
This is the first time that I can remember having blood drawn. I am terrified of needles! If you read my blog you know how hard it was for me to go get a flu shot! The doctor made me do it though. Believe me, I did not choose to have it done. If it was up to me I would not have done it. This is a new doctor and I felt she was really nice. I especially liked her nurse named Bobbi – she was the one that drew my blood. Very sweet lady who talked to me the entire time she drew the blood like I begged asked her to do. I appreciate how kind she was to me. I have to go back in 3 months for a checkup and I hope I get her again. I am suppose to hear back about my blood tests in a week if they find anything abnormal, but I think I will call them either way to find out. I am very curious. She was testing six different things… I only remember thyroid and checking to see if I am anemic. I am scared to find out if something is wrong with me, but like my friend Amber said, it is better to know then not know. Guess we will see how I feel if I do hear back about something abnormal.

Fingers crossed everything comes back as normal!

After the doctor I decided to make a quick stop… I had passed Sullivan’s bakery on my way to the doctor so I thought I should reward myself for my bravery. (Not like I really needed an excuse.) I wanted to get another “loaf” of bread with the pepperoni, jalapeños, and cheese… however, they were all out. They did have cannolis though.


Thank goodness I decided to get 2!
I ate the first one in the car and decided I wanted to take a picture of the second one to show you. It was very hard to control myself and not eat it. (It has been ate since the picture was taken.)
I love cannolis!
It is hard to find a good, fresh one so I am excited I now know where to get one of these yummy Italian treats!

Doesn’t it look tasty?

I can assure you it was!

I would like to end this post with a few random things from yesterday.

1. (This is for Matt…) Please notice I am using the blender.
Everyone – the story on the blender is Matt bought it for me before I moved out of my mom’s house into my very own apartment. I never used it. Not once. It sat on a shelf for a year and a half. I am happy to say, and show, that I finally used it to make a smoothie!

2. We had such beautiful weather yesterday to the point I was able to open all the windows and the screen door. It was so awesome to allow fresh air into my home. I think it even removed some of the smoke smell since it does not seem as strong. Here is Wyatt lying in the sun on the deck – he walked out there all by himself!
I almost forget to share my best news of the day!

You ready for this?

Guess who is moving?

Not me!

Guess again...

Someone even better!

The people below me! (The chain smoker!)

Whoo hoo!!!

I am so excited!

I stopped the manger outside when she was leaving to ask if they were still coming to my home to seal holes or whatever it was they were going to do and she said the wonderful news.
I asked if it was because of me. (Not that I really cared.)
She said no… they had been wanting a back unit since it had yard for the kids to play in.
Lucky for me one became available! I will only have to tolerate the scent of cigarette smoke for about a month longer!
Thank you God for answering my prayers!
I never even thought of this as an option!
I thought for sure I would need a truck and people to move me and change my address. This is the best outcome possible!
Time for my happy dance!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Louisville, KY fun!

Mom and I did some exploring today.

We experienced a few new things together which was very nice to me since I now live here and have not done a whole lot of exploring.
In my defense, it has been too cold to explore. This weekend has been the first "warm" weekend in such a long time. A perferct weekend for my mom to come visit me. I am hoping tomorrow will be just as nice so I can take Wyatt on a nice long walk.

Last night I called and made us reservations at Sullivan University’s culinary Winston’s Restaurant per my mom's request.
(They were fully booked for dinner last night.)
So glad we went – it was amazing!
If you have never been, you should go if you are ever in Louisville, Ky. I will be taking everyone who visits me to this restaurant. That’s how impressed I was by the place! 
SO MATT.... be prepared... we will be going there when you are here next time. 

Just so you know, you need to make a reservation to eat there.
They only have 14 tables so call a few days ahead to make sure you can get a table at your desired day and time.

Here’s the building….
Nothing special from the outside, but that is okay....
We had EXCELLENT service in a GREAT atmosphere with WONDERFUL food!
We got there right at 11 AM when they opened.
We were the only ones in there when I took these pictures. In fact, we were the only ones there for about 30 minutes. We didn't mind though.... it gave us one on one attention from the staff.

Here the inside of the building…

Mom ordered coffee to drink with her meal....
She must have said it was the best coffee she ever had 5 times!
Maybe more then that!
It was obvious she loved it!

Here's the coffee when she accidentally dropped her Splenda packet into it!
Kinda funny!
The bread basket...
Very fresh...
I ordered this…
London Broil. MMMMmmmmm....!
I had debated getting the salmon - felt I chose well. Next time, I will choose the salmon.

Mom ordered this…

Both meals were delicious!
So yummy!

Our next stop was to there bakery which was across the sreet.
I was too full to eat my muffin at the time.... I still plan to eat it later. Mom got some sort of bread with cheese, pepperoni, and jalapeños which she shared with me. Yummy warmed up as well. I felt the bakery wasn't anything special, but still a good place to stop. Was a bit like a Panara though.

We drove by the Ohio River.
Here are a few of the sites we saw.

I cannot remember what this was.
But it was a pretty site to see.

This is in Historic Frankfort Avenue.
Not too sure what is is either since there was no sign.
Can you tell the "building" is just a front of what used to be a building?
I wonder what the story behind it is!
River views... would be nice to take Wyatt on a walk here.
(I am soooo glad the snow is finally melting!)

Another place we went to was the renown Louisville Stoneware. It has been around since the year 1815. Apparently they have been featured on TV and have given items to U.S. Presidents and all. Very neat! We will have to go there one day and paint some pottery. They have a bunch of pottery already painted to be sold. I felt it was expensive – I am frugal - but I know you are paying for the whole experience and history of the items. I will be sure to make sure I paint something to display on my bookshelf one of these days.
We walked into Lynn's Paradise Cafe which is a place my mom had ate at about 2 years ago.
We were still too full from a bruch to eat though.

How you like this lamp from the store part of this place?