Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day

I am surprised to hear myself say this, but I love this snow!
I wish it had been here yesterday morning to get me a free day off of work, but I suppose it is better late than never. I do wish I had been able to go home for the weekend though. I plan on just relaxing by watching movies and surfing the web all weekend.
I am not going to leave the house.

Here are some pictures of the snow from this morning – around 10 AM

4 inches!I decided to walk Wyatt in the paths from where cars had driven that way it would not be touching him.
This is why your mom told you to not eat yellow snow!
Had to help my plant get some sun!
Here he is pooped! What a long morning it has been for him!

Better Late Than Never

This is the snow I went to bed to last night.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weighted Snow

Look what I woke up to:

If you know me, or you read my blog, you know I HATE the snow!

I especially hate when it snows before I have to go to work! UGG!!!
You cannot tell fromt hese pictures, but it continued to snow all morning!

I decided to take the interstate to get to work today since the road I normally drive on is very curvy and I did not trust it to be safe. At some spots, it was snowing so hard I was only able to drive 40 MPH. Even the trucks were going that slow. When I got to town, my brakes seemed like they were not going to stop! I was so afraid I was going to hit the car in front of me! I was so thankful I stopped just in time!

The snow seems to have stopped for now.
It is suppose to snow 5 inches - at least - on Friday!
If it does, I hope it gets me out of work. I would like to have a three day weekend if I do not get to go home. I was planning on going home, but if I stay here, I just want to lounge around doing nothing all weekend. I have bought a few movies recently that I have yet to watch so it would be nice to have the time to watch them. We will see though.

On to the best news of the day.....

I lost 3 pounds this week!

Oh ya!
Go me!
Oh ya!
It's my Birthday!
No it's not!

(Picture me dancing and moving my arms like I am "stirring the pot"!)
I have to admit, I was a little nervous about losing weight this week. Did you notice I did not post anything yesterday? It was because I ate a lot of points yesterday. I started the day off good and then went downhill from there.

Yesterday I ate:
(Points on left)

4 - 1 Cup of Vanilla Yogurt
(I bought this low fat vanilla yogurt prior to going on a diet for the purpose of making fruit smoothies. I could use only half a cup of yogurt and 1 cup of milk, but then I think I would need ice to thicken it, but I do not have any ice at home.)
4 - Deer Stick

1 - I Cup of Blueberries

7 - Lean Cuisine Pizza
0 - Jello

0 - Jello

1 - Popcorn
10? - 8 Oroes (I love these things.... they are all gone thankfully!)

0 - Broccoli
2 - Corn
5 - Garlic Bread
I would have ate chicken as well, but it tasted funny.

7 - Snickers

7 - Snickers

49 POINTS!!!!!!!!!
When I say 49, I mean at least 49 points! That is double what I should be eating! Not good at all!

I was too embarrassed to write on here what I ate. I know I should have to help "punish myself" instead of trying to hide and deny it.

Today is a better eating day though.


Today I ate:

(Points on left)

4 - 1 cup of vanilla yogurt

1 - 1 cup of blueberries

7 - Lean Cuisine pizza
2 - banana

0 - Broccoli
2 - Corn
5 - leftover tacos (1)

4 - Deer stick
6 - Smoothie (1/2 cup yogurt, 1 cup milk, peaches)

31 points! Still over, but I will get there.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Didn’t Even Leave The House

You know those things you sometimes put off, and then put off again?
I finally did those things today!
After Matt left I knew I had to get some things done. So after talking to my brother on the phone I decided to (with the Swiffer) sweep and mop the kitchen and bathroom floors, clean windows and mirrors, empty out my paper shredder, and put into Tupperware containers the end of my Christmas stuff.
I feel so accomplished!

I even played Wii Active!

Wyatt had his last dosage of worm medicine!
I am so happy for him to be done with that. He hated it! He should be worm free now!
I put on his Frontline today. It is getting warmer here and I want to prevent fleas from even getting on him. He had not had fleas since we got Toby – that was YEARS ago! He recently had a few fleas on him that I must have succeeded getting off him since I have not seen any on him in a few weeks.

Here is what I ate today:

(Points on left)
2 – 1 cup Special K cereal
2 – 1 cup Skim Milk

0 – Jello (sugar free that I made on Friday night)

10? - Tacos – 2 Shells, ground beef with taco seasoning, refried beans, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream
(I was good and did not have any cheese)

1 – 1 Cup of Blueberries

8 - Hamburger on 2 pieces of bread with 2 slices of provolone cheese and ketchup
6 – 2 Servings on Fries

3 - Air Popped Popcorn with White Cheddar Powder

In case you were wondering, my newspaper was delivered to my door. Since there were not many good coupons, I didn’t even have to go to the store to buy anymore papers. It was nice!

I hate how the weekend is almost over; where does the time go?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Used My Flex Points

I am not sure how many points some of the things I ate today are, but I am not worried. I am just going to consider today as a day I used my flex points. Tomorrow I will not go over on my points and I will play Wii Active.

(Points on left)
2 - 1 cup Special K cereal
2 - 1 cup Skim Milk
2 - banana

Penn Station Subs (YUMMY! Had never been here before)
10? - small Club sandwich on white bread (turkey, ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and light Honey Mustard)
7? - Fries

5? - Cannoli

7? - Cheese tortellini with red sauce

1 - Half a Carmel
2 - Skinny Cow ice cream

About 38 total points

I am going to try and not eat anything else tonight. I still need to drink some more water and/or green tea tonight.

Helloooo CVS!

Had a WONDERFUL shopping day!

I’m going to start with the best….
Look what I bought in 3 transactions from 2 Walgreens!

Spent $4.66 out of pocket and $10 in Register Rewards that were expiring today and received $9 more Register Rewards!

Transaction 1
2 Neosporin Lip Items for $4.00 each
- Used 2 $3.00 off coupons
- Used $1.00 off Walgreens coupon
= $0.50 each

2 Lean Cuisines on clearance for $1.49 each

1 Carmel for $0.33

Used $2 Register Rewards
Spent $0.81
Got back $3 Register Rewards!!!

(The $1 Walgreens coupon spit out after she rang the items up. The cashier didn’t even ask me, but she used the coupon on this sale. I was afraid my 2 coupons I brought with me would not take since she did this, but they did!)

Transaction 2
4 Shrimp Fried Rice Bowls on clearance for $1.49 each
- Used 4 $0.50 off coupons
= $1 each

4 Glade Soy Candles on clearance for $1.59 each
- Used 2 $3.00 off 2 coupons
= $0.09 each
Got back $5 Register Rewards!!!

2 Snickers on sale for $0.39
(Had to buy these for filler items – When checking out I wasn’t able to use my RRs so I had to add 2 items and these were at the register. I have already frozen them.)

Used $4 Register Rewards
Spent $1.53
Got back $5 Register Rewards

(I got lucky with the Glade candles. At the Walgreens where we did transaction 1 earlier in the day, we saw the Shrimp Fried Rice Bowls on clearance but I wanted to go home and get my coupons before buying. I also saw the candles on clearance, but this store was all out of them. We went home and got Wyatt and my coupons and went to the Walgreens by my house. I got lucky. I knew which scent was on clearance since I had read the tag at the last store so I went to look at this store. They had 4 left and were marked for $4.59. I took one to the register for a price check and happily found out the price. When I checked out I was surprised when the $5 Register rewards spit out… I had no clue! So now I have 4 candles of my favorite scent and a profit of $4.64 before tax! Plus, Johnson and Johnson has a rebate for $5 back with the purchase of any 3 participating items! So now my profit is $9.60!!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!)

Transaction 3
2 Wet Wipes on sale for $2.00 each
- Used 2 $1.50 off coupons
= $0.50 each
Got back $1 Register Reward

3 Shout Wipes on clearance for $0.97 each
(Felt I needed these since can not immediately wash my stained clothes.)

Used $2 Register Rewards
Spent $2.32
Got back $1 Register Reward

I would have done transaction 2 and 3 together, but I missed calculated because I thought all my Register Rewards would be used in transaction 2.

I also finally broke into the game of CVS.

I bought these 6 12-packs of Diet Dr Pepper for almost $22 and got back $10 in ECBs to use on my next purchase. These spend just like Register Rewards…. I asked how it all works before doing it. So glad I did! These will last me a long time. I had been wanting to learn how to shop the deals at CVS for awhile now so this was a good opportunity for me. I am now into it! Very happy about this!

We went to the Half off bookstore we had drove by about a month ago. Not what I expected. It is a whole bookstore consisting of used books, magazines and games. They buy back items.
I bought all this for $9.00!!!

The books were on clearance for $2 each and the magazines were $0.50 each!!
This store was awesome!
I am sure I will become a frequent shopper!

He Hates Medicine

Who doesn't though?
Wyatt is half way through with his liquid dewormer medicine! Only 3 more time of taking the - apparently - gross white liquid. I feel bad about tricking him with food to get him to come to me and then trapping him between my legs while I hold his mouth opened and I press the liquid into his mouth while he tries to pull away and close his mouth.
He then gobbles his food down which is where I now hide his heart medicine inside one of the pieces of moist food.
Luckily, I don't think he really chews it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

What Cookies?

Today's eating is one of those days I would rather not post. Well, actually, it is one of those day's I would have left one of my food options off by "accident". Let me show you what I ate and then I will explain. (I am showing EVERYTHING)

(Points on left)

1 - 3 egg whites (I previously counted this as 2 points, but I looked it up in the book; it is 1)
2 - 3 slices of bacon

1 - 1 cup of blueberries

0 - Spinach
0 - medium tomato
1 - spray raspberry dressing

4 - 3 chocolate chip cookies

2 - banana

10? - Bratwurst with ketchup on bun (small one)
0 - 1 cup broccoli
3 - about 45 string fries (Kroger brand)

2 - Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich

2 - Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich

Total points = 28

I would have been at 24 points for the day which is why I decided to have the second ice cream sandwich... but then I remembered I ate 3 cookies while at work!
I guess it could have been worse. I didn't mind my cookie choice at the time. I had accounted for it when I chose to eat them. Somehow I just forgot.

Took Wyatt back to the vet today so she could listen to his heart murmur. She said it was a slight one so he only has to take a low dosage of heart medicine, cut in half (for the rest of his life) twice a day. I put it in a piece of food - he never even noticed it.

Sorry for the short post, but Matt is his here for weekend.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Drama Did Not Make Me Eat

I had a very dramatic day!
My poor Wyatt!

Here’s my story….
Yesterday morning it was raining and when I let Wyatt out to go potty I decided to not pick up his poop since it was cold and the ground was wet. When I got off work that day I went to pick up his poop from then and earlier. I knew the general location where he went potty - when I picked up “his” poop it had clear/white worms.


I didn’t think it was his though. I threw it away and vowed to not take him in that area to go potty again. Well, at work today I was up front and one of the customers we had just happened to be a vet. I told her what happened and she was very informative. I decided right then and there Wyatt needed to see a vet ASAP. I called Matt to have him look up some local vets online for me since I was busy working and did not have time. The second vet I called was open till 6 PM so that is where I took him. To make a long story short….. Wyatt has whip, round, and tapeworms!!! (I brought in his poop so they could test this.)
I feel so bad!!!!
His heart worm test came back negative thank god! (They had to take blood to test this.)
I feel bad for not having him on heart guard medicine.
The lady claims he has not been in pain. I hope this is true.
They gave him 2 oral medicines there at the office. One of them I have to continuing giving to him twice a day for the next 3 days. They say the heart guard once a month medicine will help him not get the worms again. The lady said he probably got it from sniffing the ground or licking it. She said once the worms are in the soil they stay for years. Vicious cycle! I did some research online when I got home and I now know he probably got the worms from walking on them and then licking his paws at night… he licks his paws a lot. JUST LIKE A CAT!

At work today T told me he turned in his 2 week notice… this is why he has been training the new girl. Makes sense now. I hope I get to start going back to the “classes” soon. I miss getting out of the office for a little while during the day.

So, you curious about how my diet went today?
Here’s what I ate:

(Points on the left)
2 - 1 cup Special K cereal
2 - 1 cup skim milk
2 – Banana

5 – Hundred calorie pack of cookies

0 - Carrots
0 - Celery
1 - 1 cup Blueberries

2 – Fruit snack

4 - Leftover chicken breast from yesterday
1 - Carrots
1 – Green beans

1 – 1 cup Blueberries
2 – Microwave Popcorn

25 Points – I am 1 point over….

Let me explain myself.
I ate good for breakfast. The hundred calorie pack of cookies and fruit snack I got from the lady I work with after she did our training this morning. The fruit snack was okay, but I should not have wasted 5 points on the cookies. I just have such a hard time saying no to free food…. especially when it is food I like! Lunch is a while other story. I originally brought my leftover dinner from last night for lunch only to discover I forgot a fork. No one else had a fork either. I was not going to eat with my fingers in front of people. So I ate my celery (notice, I had no Ranch) and blueberries. At the end of my lunch I had a minute alone so I ate the carrots with m fingers really fast. I should have ate a few bites of chicken because I was very hungry afterwards – I’m sure you can imagine. This is explains why I ate the fruit snacks and didn’t save them like I had planned. When I got home from work I took Wyatt to the vet. I was very proud of myself for not stopping for fast food even though I was upset and worried – normally I would have bought something very fattening and unhealthy for myself since I needed to be comforted. I controlled myself and went home to warm up my leftovers.

I did not play Wii Active today. I am less sore today. I felt I needed to relax in bed with Wyatt in case he was feeling sick. Plus, I think my room smells less then my living room. Which reminds me, I still need to write my letter to the manager of my apartment! I need something done or I need to move – I cannot tolerate this cigarette smell for much longer!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just A Quick Update

Ta da!!!

Before I go to bed I wanted to prove that I did me second Wii Active workout. It claims I burned 159.5 calories which could be true, but I doubt it. I live in an apartment on the second floor so I did not run properly, or do front or back kicks while running properly. I would love to give it my all, but unlike my neighbors below me, I am not rude. I do feel I had a good workout though. I feel like I will be sore tomorrow. We shall see.

I decided to not eat anything else for tonight. I am simply not hungry and I am choosing to not force myself to eat my last 3 points. I know on Weight Watchers they tell you to make sure you eat them all, but I do not see the point if I am not hungry. I guess I can see why they would tell you that if you are way under - I'm only 3 points under.
Also, I forgot to mention, on Weight Watchers when you do any kind of activity that gets your heart rate up - such as exercise or cleaning - you can add extra points into your daily points. I am going to try and not use mine except perhaps on the weekends. Hopefully this will work out well for me. I am praying to lose 2 pounds this week by exercising and eating correctly.
I would be ecstatic!

If you have already lost weight or just want new clothes, thanks to HIP2SAVE's posting CLICK HERE to print a coupon for The Limited for $15 off ANY purchase of $15 or more (excludes clearance and accessories), $30 off any $100 purchase, or $50 off any $150 purchase. I am hoping to find some plain t-shirts if they are $20 or less each. This coupon expires February 3.

I Can Do This!!!

(I can so relate to this cartoon!)
Hello new viewers!

Recently, Kelly's Korner opened a forum where you could add your blog link for weight loss tips. I decided to add my blog link for many reason.

I may not have many tips yet, but I will. I am trying my hardest to lose weight by being honest with myself and learning to control my hunger.
Wondering why I decided to show people a glance of my life?
I figured, why not?
The more people that look at my blog, the better. It holds me more accountable to lose the weight. Even if just one new person reads my blog, that is one person who can judge me if I don't lose the weight. I need the pressure and I am hoping it will encourage me. Maybe you will be encouraged by me or maybe I can give you a good laugh. I am hoping you can relate to me. Either way, I am just glad I am being brave(? - not sure if this the word I am wanting to use) enough to put this all out there.

This is me for better or worse.
Hopefully for the better!


I am 5'4 and I currently weigh (as of yesterday) 186.4 pounds.
I wear a size 16/18 for pants.
I would like to be 150 pounds. I feel this is a realistic weight for me.
I would like to wear size 10/12 for pants.

Some Of My Bad Habits
I am bad about going to the grocery store and buying whatever I want. More often than not, I go shopping on an empty stomach, which I am sure helps fuels my bad buying habits. Oreos, chips, ice cream... you name it, I probably buy it and then consume half of it in a day.

When I go out to eat I always feel I need to eat the stuff I cannot make at home - obviously I am referring to the fried unhealthy foods. When I go to a buffet I feel I need to get my money's worth and I end up over eating to the extreme.

For example, every time I go to Olive Garden I always eat at least 2 big bowls of salad (covered with dressing), 3 bread sticks and about a quarter of my chicken fettucini alfredo. I then take home my leftovers with, if I was lucky, 2 extra bread sticks. This illustration shows two things (1.) I order unhealthy food choices and (2) I eat lots to get my money's worth even if I am full.

Whenever I hang out with my friends or Matt (most of the time), we always go out to eat. We never just do an activity. And when we do, there is almost always food involved. Celebrations are the same; they always involve food.

For example, Matt and I went bowling on Saturday and on the way there we stopped at Walgreens for candy. Candy for while I was bowling. All my idea! (Remember the Milk Duds?) I could have bowled without them and I should have.

I'm sure I have more bad habits, but those are the ones that stick out the most to me. I am going to end this post now so I can get on Wii Active. I don't want to make any excuses to not exercise.

Right On Track

Last night, as predicted, I was too sore/lazy to do Wii Active. I wish I had done it especially since I am still sore today. No matter what, I will work out with it tonight. I need to do day 2 to get to day 3 which will start to make me less sore and help me shed some pounds. I took a hot bath last night thinking that would help me. However, it did not. I did get further in my book which I enjoyed. And just so you know, I went through the rest of the night without eating anything else! Who hoo!
It is the small accomplishments that help me know I can do this!

Today at work I was a little upset since I felt I was being replaced - although rumor has it, T might be replaced. Prior to work, I was happy we had 2 "classes" which would take up most of my day. However, yesterday we got a new girl at work who came from a different office and had worked in the area I work in. Instead of me and T going to the "classes", the new girl and T went. I like going to the "classes" since it gets me away from the office for awhile and I like giving the "class". I do not know how to feel about this situation. I am annoyed because that meant I had to stay behind and sit at my desk working. Oh well. Normally, when I get upset I notice I turn to food. I did this yet again. Thankfully I had packed celery and Ranch dressing for lunch. I ate it when I found this out. The cookies in my drawer did call to me and I did feel hungry, but I won that round!

One point for me!
Zero for hunger!

Good thing I usually eat lunch around 11:30 AM... I felt like I was starving!

As I stayed at work and worked, although my time went by slowly, it wasn't so bad. I feel I got a lot done and at least I am working on my stats instead of them sitting there. I was left alone to work and email a few of my friends from my old job so that was nice. I am not complaining so please do interpret it in that way.

Today I ate:
(Points on left)

2 - 1 cup Special K cereal
2 - 1 cup skim milk
2 - banana

0 - Celery
4 - Ranch dressing

5 - Turkey w/ cheese sandwich

4 - 4 oz chicken breast
1 - 1/2 can of green beans
1 - 1/2 can of carrots
(I am trying to eat through all my canned food)

One of the tricks I learned was to use a smaller plate in order to make your plate look full. I totally think this works! Don't you? In case you wanted to know what seasoning I used on my chicken, I put it in the picture (0 points).

So far, I have used 21 points... still have 3 to use on a snack!

As you can see, I ate much better today. I still have a few more points to use this evening for a snack. It will be a daily struggle, but it will get easier and easier as the days go on. I drank TONS of water today. I am sure you can imagine I had to go pee a bunch of times at work today! I think I went once every hour! I hope once my body gets used to more water I can hold it a little while longer. Hopefully, I can keep up drinking this amount.
That's my goal!

Oh, I remembered to take my vitamin! I took it this morning after about 30 minutes form when I ate breakfast.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

184.6 Pounds

Day 1 of my diet is going okay so far. Not great though... I could be doing a lot better. This is much harder then I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong, I knew I would be hungry, I just did not realize how hungry. Of course I know this will get easier and easier the longer I do it.

Here's what I ate:
(Points are on the left)
2 - 3 egg whites
3 - 4 slices of bacon
2 - banana

6 - turkey sandwich with 1 slice of cheese
1 - jello cup with fruit

1 - pear cup

9 - chili with 5 Ritz crackers

1 - 3 Milk Duds

2 - Peeps
2 - 6 pieces of Sour Straws

30 points total

That is 6 more then I am suppose to have. I have 35 flex points but was hoping to not use them so soon. Oh well. It is only 7:30 PM so now I just have to try to not eat anything else for the rest of the night. Shouldn't be too hard.
I see I ate a lot of candy in the end.
I knew once I got home from work I would not do so good. I should not have ate the 3 Milk Duds. In fact, I am going to embarrass myself. I had a box of Milk Duds Saturday night which is when I placed them in my purse. Well, they dumped and I thought I had gotten them all out. I was cleaning out my purse before going to Kroger and I found 3... I shoved one in my mouth and then the other 2. I barely chewed them before swallowing. Looking back, I realize I acted like a kid who was sneaking something and trying not to get caught!
As for the Peeps, they are all gone now.
The rest of the Sour Straws are going in the trash can next time I let Wyatt out (after I post this and check my Facebook account).
And to think, I was so proud of myself at work when I decided against eating 3 chocolate chip cookies for 4 points.

I measured and weighed myself this morning.
I have decided against posting my measurements on here. Maybe I will change my mind again. My weight is 184.6 pounds!
I started Weight Watchers at 190 pounds; at least I didn't get back to it.

I did my first session on Wii Active last night.
It kicked my butt!
I am doing the easy plan for 30 days. That lady on there made me do so many squats! I am so sore now! At least I know it is working since I am feeling it. I planned on working out tonight, but I'm too sore. Or maybe that is just me being lazy, I'll let you know tomorrow. I might have to start out with every other night. I hate that I am so out of shape that 20 minutes makes me this sore.

I took a picture of the screen so you could see my progress.

If you buy this program, here are my tips:
1. Already familiarize yourself with how to put the numb chuck in the leg
holder - twice she had to tell me to reposition it.
2. Have your red band with the handles assembled prior to starting your
workout - I started the workout not doing this and when it was time to use them, I could not figure out how to put it together. I had to pull out the manual which slowed me down.
3. Wear sneakers - I did it barefoot which I knew I shouldn't do.
4. Wear a sports bra - Maggie warned me, but I ignored her advice.

Besides those rules, have fun!

I almost forgot to mention that while at Kroger today a guy talked to me about having the newspaper delivered to my home. Normally, I am not a sucker, but today, I did sign up for the newspaper. For $4.33 a month I will now have the Sunday paper delivered to my door. That ends up being about $1.08 per paper which is excellent considering they sell for $1.75 here. Plus, I got a $5 gift card for Kroger since I signed up. I figure if I don't like it I can always cancel after a month and I wont be out any money. The only con to me is that they automatically take the money out of my account each month. But at least the $4.33 a month price tag is secure for one year. I should receive my first paper this Sunday.


Monday, January 18, 2010

My Love Of Jars

If you are anything like me, you love candles!
You especially love them when you can get them on sale!
And you have a coupon for them!
I have a bunch of candles!
At first, I was throwing all of them out once I used them up.
But then I realized some could be re-purposed.
Why waste when I can use them again?
Do you have any of these candles?
I decided to remove all the stickers and give them a good cleaning.
I love jars!
In fact, I have a TON!
This post would have looked better if I took pictures of all the ones I have....
Maybe another time.

Not sure what I will use these for, but they have a seal on them so I am thinking they could be good for small amounts of rice or mints.
Could always be used in the bathroom for bath salts or hair bows.

Oh the possibilities!

I hate that I threw one of these out last month!

Tomorrow Is Almost Here

Tomorrow, I am officially starting my diet!
This has been something I should have been working on since I moved.
I had been doing bad before moving, but once I got here I REALLY ate horrible!
Plus, I have stopped using coupons and shopping the way I normally shop which is something I will be working on once again.

Tonight, I am trying to eat all the stuff I will miss.
All the stuff I will miss that is already in my house I mean.
I am not eating out tonight since I did so much eating out over the weekend.

Of course, dieting will be hard with my cabinets looking like this….

All those cookies!
The canned food looks healthy.
Homemade chili....
I suppose they could be worse. Only the first cabinet looks real fattening.

I am not one to waste so I will not throw anything out. They will be here when and if I need them. In the real world there will ALWAYS be temptations.
And I know what you are thinking.
You are thinking I should not have temptation in my home.
I agree to an extent. I know if you don’t buy something you only have to say “No” once and if you do buy that something and bring it into your home, you have to say “No” several times. We will see. Maybe after a week or so I will throw them out.

I have no milk or any fresh fruit besides that one lone apple so I will have to go the grocery store tomorrow. I will make smart choices while there. I just need to make a shopping list tomorrow while at work so I do not stray and buy items I do not need.

I will label the points on all my food with a black Sharpie as well. I figure I might as well do this right. Once I get off of here (my blog) I plan on looking for my Weight Watchers point counter and calculator. I know they are both around here somewhere. I still have all my old Weight Watchers guides and
cookbooks. These will immensely help me on my journey.

I really want to do this right.
In the morning, I will measure my body and weigh myself. In the evening I will post my measurements on here. My mom thinks this will be embarrassing and help motivate me. After much thought, I have came to the conclusion she is probably right.
We will see.
Either way, I will either succeed or fail with people watching. Hmmm… I hope this is a good idea.
My mom bought me this cute lunch bag.

I already bring my lunch to work everyday since I only have 30 minutes, but don’t you think this one will make me look more stylish?

And to think, when I first transferred here I thought 30 minute lunches would be awful. However, with 30 minute lunches you no longer feel the need to eat out since you will be rushed which saves calories and money. :)
Drinking plenty of water is the first line of defense when trying to lose weight.... I did learn this at Weight Watchers. Here are my other tools:

I sometimes remember to take these. I feel I need to remember everyday. I will try to take them after dinner. When I first bought them, I tried to take them in the morning after breakfast, but I always felt like throwing up. I assume it was because my stomach was not full enough for them.

While in Weight Watchers I started off
journaling very well. I loved it! When I first started, I could not wait to write what I ate down. Then I would get to busy and would wait until I had a chance to write in it and by then I would forget what I ate. Not this time! I bought this daily planner online HERE.
(Get an instant $10 credit when you sign up. Makes this planner $1.57 shipped! That’s what I did. I love it! You can add a picture on the front and add any words you like.)
Not only will I track what I do each day, I will keep track of my food in it.

Wii Active
My mom and G bought me this for Christmas and I have yet to use it. (I’m sorry!) I will start to use it for 20 minutes everyday starting tonight. I just hope it does not involve a lot of jumping since I am in a second floor apartment. I will post tomorrow on how my first session was.

Well, I need to unload the dishwasher, look for me WW tools, and do my first Wii Active session.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Might Work

I just read about a new possible Redbox code for a FREE rental.

Try: N3WY3AR
I will try it tomorrow and post for sure whether or not it works. Hopefully it does. There are still a few more movies I would like to see.

What A Sight

I hope to not gross you out....
But look at what I saw while going pee....I had to go get my camera and take this picture from my mom's bathroom!
Do you see all the turkeys that were across the street?

Cut The Weight In Half

Today was a good day for me. In fact, this whole weekend was good. When I got off work Friday I went home and packed my car and grabbed Wyatt to go to Tennessee. It is ALWAYS good to go home! Plus, I had about 5 loads of laundry to wash since I still have not bought my own washer and dryer. :)

I do plan on getting one in the very NEAR future! It is a pain in the you know what to lug your clothes almost 3 hours to bring them home to your mom’s house just to be washed, dried, folded, and repacked into the car. Nevertheless, me being me must wait for a good deal. I hate that my new apartment did not already have one furnished inside. I miss that about my old apartment. Oh well, I guess I needed to buy one sooner or later. Might as well be sooner I suppose.

Friday I washed ALL my laundry!


Can you believe that?

I know it is hard to believe, but it is true!

Matt came over and we went to Chick Fila (my FAVORITE) for dinner and went to Target to check out the clearance sections. Nothing good at all! I was disappointed. We decided to just go back to my mom’s house and watch TV. Boring, I know, but very relaxing to me who had a full week of work and a long 3 hour drive here. (Not to mention the 5 loads of laundry I washed and dried.)

Saturday we went bowling. We played 3 games. I won the second game. I hate to admit this next part… Mattwonthefirstandsecondgame. I hate that I lost! The Wii lies! According to the Wii, I should be bowling about 150 points a game at least!

Prior to bowling I went to lunch with my friend Maggie and her kids. It is always so nice to get together with her and her kids. I miss working with her! We just sat around and ate and they talked some more once we were outside.

After bowling we ordered Pizza Hut and relaxed again. We tried, and failed, to get some movies at Redbox. They had NOTHING good in stock! All they had were movies we had already seen and movies we had no desire to see. We thought about going to see the movie “The Book of Eli” but we will wait until another weekend. A co-worker of mine told me about a movie theatre in Louisville where you sit and eat dinner while watching a movie. This is what we will probably do in the next few weeks. Neither one of us has been to an experience like this so it should be a lot of fun.

Today I bought 2 newspapers and clipped the coupons out (nothing really good or I would have bought more) and I met someone from our local online yard sale website to buy 3 DVDs for $9 before 11 AM…. License to Wed, Fool’s Gold, and Fred Clause.
Olive Garden was my choice for lunch. We had a good server. She brought us 5 bread sticks before we even ordered and then 5 more when our meal came out. I absolutely love when they give them freely. I hate having to ask and only get 2 each time. I like to eat 3 with my meal and then take a few home. I ate 3 and even had 3 to take home!
After lunch Matt and I went to Sam’s club to look around and buy a magazine. I am glad we went. Over the intercom they were calling people to watch a knife demonstration and just for watching you would receive 2 free pairing knives. We figured we would go watch for the free gifts. Normally, I would never go to one of these, but we thought it would be fun.

Very good presentation!
Out of 12 or so people, the guy sold 3 sets of knives. It was a good deal if you needed knives. I guess one knife sells on TV for $49.99 (you might have seen the late night infomercial with the knife cutting through the can), but today and today only, for the same price I could have bought the knife and for free I would have gotten a second one, 2 paring knives, 2 cheese graters, 2 juicer things, and 2 other knives I forget what they are called and a fish knife!
However, even I know you shouldn’t buy something you don’t need just because it is a good deal. So Matt and I waited patiently for our 2 free paring knives. I feel bad the guy did not make more sales. But, maybe he sold more throughout the day. Hopefully, he does not work on commission.
If he does, I hope he knows he did a good job. I would have bought if I was interested, but I only watched the demonstration for the free knives. I gave one to my mom and Matt plans to give one to his mom. So you never know, in the future, he might make a sale from one of us.

I am off work tomorrow so I plan on getting an oil change before I drive home. Not sure what time I will leave since I have nothing pressing to do. I plan on waking whenever I wake and taking my time going out. Everyone will be at work except me.


If you actually read through this whole post you now know how much junk I eat. And I always eat like this.
Mom and G bought me Wii Active for Christmas which I asked for and wanted to use but haven’t. Then, Maggie was talking about how she has been using it everyday for 20 minutes and has started to eat better. She has lost 7 pounds this week! AMAZING! (Hope you don’t mind me telling everyone this!)
Well, she has completely motivated me! Sometime tomorrow I plan on starting this.

For those of you who don’t know, I was on Weight Watchers for about a year. I did good the first 6 months or so and then didn’t do so well. I went from 190 pounds to 167 pounds. I have since gained it ALL back. And maybe 5 more pounds, I think. I have been too scared to weigh myself, but do know my “fat” clothes are now getting too tight. I REFUSE to buy new clothes! I MUST lose the weight.

Here’s what I plan to do:

Play Wii Active everyday for at least 20 minutes.
Drink lots of water. *This is the key*
Start journaling again and counting points.
Make healthier choices.

I’m not going to be unrealistic and say I will go cold turkey and stop eating bad all together. I wont succeed if I do that. I will take it one day at a time. I will keep you updated on how I do. Wish me luck!

Monday, January 11, 2010

What A Life

As you can CLEARLY see from these pictures I took of Wyatt yesterday, he lives such a HARD life!
Here he is relaxing, watching the cars go by when he is interrupted by me.
Never mind the fact that I let him snuggle close to me while I am surfing the web.
Here he is in MY chair watching TV.
(This view makes him look plump!)
.... Now he's annoyed at me for taking pictures....
I wish this next picture had came out better.
He sat like this all by himself.

In the next two pictures he is begging for a piece of a clementine.
Here, Matt is holding a piece up for him so I could get a good picture.
He sure loves his fruits!
Just so you know, although he still LOVES apples, his favorite is now the clementine.
You should hear him whine and beg for it!
As if he is deprived!
I don't know what I started....

I created a MONSTER!


I ate two at separate times today and he just whines and begs until he gets a piece.