Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

I put my Christmas tree up last night.
I was too tired to take and post any pictures though.
How do you think it looks?

Like the tree skirt?
I bought it on clearance last year for $10.
I love it!
I thought red would help my tree "pop"!
Please ignore the dirty glass and the stuff on the bottom drawer.
I think the mirror helps this piece of furniture.
I plan to leave the furniture like this even after the holidays are over.
And just so you know, I do intend to clean the mirror.

I was just being lazy tonight.
Some of my favorite ornaments...

I love the dog paw print ornament.
It is probably my FAVORITE one of them all!
I took a big picture of it, however, it did not come out so well.

I should have turned this on. His beard lights up with all different colors.
The plant my parents brought me on Thanksgiving.
It's still alive!
Can you believe it???
Who would have though.
Not me.
Just kidding.... I hope it lives forever.
Is your tree up yet?

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