Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ode To My Bookshelf

I was not going to post this picture since it is not all put together...
But, I needed my mom to see I have been unpacking the rest of my things.
This bookshelf shows it best - only because I previously had not unpacked any of those items.
All my books and DVDs are on it.
It does not look as full since I have gotten rid of a bunch of books I will never read again. I figured there was no point in holding them forever.
Also, Matt has all his DVDs at his house which is as many as I still have.
Eventually it will be complete!
Oh.... update...
The lady that lives below me was outside smoking when I took Wyatt out to go pee. She asked if my apartment smelled any better. I said it is a little better but still smells smokey (maybe I am just getting used to it). So then I asked her if her husband had done the ozone thing. I thought he hadn't. However, he had. I guess I am just stuck with this smell.

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