Friday, December 25, 2009

December Free Redbox Code

Gave this code ACME25 to my brother last night to use at a Redbox location.
It worked.
Not sure how long it is good for so use it soon.

I Actually Won!

Sometimes I enter to win items on people's blogs.
Well, last week or 2 weeks ago - not sure - I entered to win this (below) on Drugstore Divas' blog.
I WON!!!
Thank you!
(Sorry, I meant to post this sooner, but time got away from me.)

Christmas Morning

I made out like a bandit between opening presents with Matt and opening presents with my family.
We opened all our presents this morning and had breakfast.
Whatever it was my mom made, it was very yummy!
Here is what I got:
Home Purifiers
BlueRay DVD player
Wii Active
Wall art pieces for the wall from my brother
(The breath treats are for Wyatt)
Sorry for the poor picture quality...
Toby hates the train around the tree.... especially when my mom pushes the button to make it whistle or have Santa say "Ho Ho Ho" or "Merry Christmas". He will bark at it when this happens. He will also just stare at it and try to get closer to it when it is on. The first Christmas my mom got it he attacked it and knocked it off the track.
Now, when it is not in use, it is at the back of the tree out of his sight.

This is what G got my mom.
Apparently she had been wanting it for while.
Very nice gift.

Hope you all have a nice day!

Christmas Eve Opening With Matt

After we went to eat and saw all the Christmas lights (see previous post), Matt and I went to my mom's house to exchange presents.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the gifts before we opened them.
I wish I had remembered.
Oh well, too late now.
I did remember to take some pictures of Matt's artwork.

He wrapped some of my presents in regular wrapping paper and then put them inside mailing boxes which he decorated with XBOX 360 stickers.
He made "people" out of them - did you notice?

This is what Matt bought me for Christmas:
He did great!
Fuji camera with memory card
Mario Brothers Wii game
Disney Scene It game
Home Improvement Season 6
2 candles
Giraffe Beanie Baby
4 books (I picked them out)
2 Wii controller holders

Here is what I bought Matt:
4 Weeds DVDs
the Used CD
XBOX 360 game
something for his gun
XBOX fan
(not pictured) 2 plain shirts and 1 sweatshirt jacket

Here are some better pictures of my new camera:

(Ignore the fingerprints)

Once I read the manual sometime this weekend, I will use only the new camera.
I love it!
Thank you for all my gifts!
Hope you like yours too!

Merry Christmas To All

Merry Christmas!
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas holiday!
Be merry and spread cheer!
Matt and I went and saw the lights on the Cumberland last night. It was very pretty. I was thankful it was not too cold since it was raining a bit. We also went and saw a house that was connected to a radio station for the month. You turned your radio to 92.3 (I think) and the lights flashed to the music. It was awesome! It was nice to see cars pull over and watch just like we were doing.
Enjoy these pictures from the Cumberland Riverwalk.

These pictures don't do it justice.

It truly was neat!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Candy Ornaments.... My Favorite!

Do you have these?
Or do you at least remember them?

These were always my favorite!
I think my mom's mom gave them to her, and now my mom has given them to me!
I plan to incorporate them into my Christmas scheme next year.
I am going to decorate with a lot more candy decorations!
I have big plans!

I need to go to yard sales and Goodwill to see if I can find more of these beauties.

Hopefully I can!

Look at these wonderful lollipops I bought at Target:

I think they are perfect for me!
I want more!
These were the only 2 I saw at my Target. I have to finish my Christmas shopping tomorrow after work so i will check the Target nearby. Maybe I will get lucky!

I tried twice now and have not been able to get a good picture of this at night.
But doesn't it look neat?
I think the people who live in this home bought an awesome light decoration.
It sure is unique... I haven't seen another like it.

Deck The Tree with Balls and Beads... Fa La La La

My mom's tree!
I was there this past weekend and thought I would share with you what hers looks like. I like how her tree is nice and full... holds big ornaments. One day, when I have my own home and don't plan on moving for a very long time, I too will have a big and full tree.
These are some of my favorite ornaments from her tree:
Hoops and Yoyo
Biker the Snowman
The Grinch getting ready to steal Christmas


Blank Canvas For Paws

Spot Wyatt!
See how he tried to sneak into this picture!

Imagine my delight when I saw these beauties on clearance at Michael's last
I had been wanting these for awhile to make my own artwork for my living room. I thought it would be neat to have Wyatt walk across one with painted paws.
At Michael's they were regular priced at $14.99.
On clearance for $4.99.
I felt this was an awesome sale. So I brought 2 to the register.
Lucky me - they rang up 1/2 off making them $2.50 each!
I asked the lady if she would mind if I went and got 2 more... she didn't mind.

Mom, we will need to figure out what and how to paint on these!

I would love if Wyatt could walk on one and Toby on the other. I think they would look GREAT in my bedroom. On the other two I want to do some sort of abstract work for above my couch.
Let me know if you have any ideas!

(Here he is!)

(Fuzzy, I know....)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Yummy Gumdrop Christmas Wreath

I desperately wanted to post this yesterday but time got away from me. I most have finished making it and waiting for it to dry around 10:30 PM. At that point, I had to go to sleep since I had work today.
Work... it always gets in the way of my fun....

Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Isn't it lovely?

I absolutely love it!

I think it came out very well. This was my second time ever making something like this before so I feel it is a great. (Don't forget my Easter Egg Wreath Part 1 and Part 2) I might even make another one. I think they would look cute on the wall - one on top and then the other spaced a few inches below it. (I bought 2 wreaths just in case I had an emergency like this.) I plan on putting a bow or something on it. I might even just use one piece of ribbon to go through them both.

I'll let you know what I decide.

I do know this will be a permanent fixture on my wall once I get it up there.

I gotta say, this was a fairly simple project.

If you know me well, then you know I am kinda new to using a glue gun. My real first attempt was when I tried to make a Pom Pom Frog for Matt for Valentine's Day... notice I said "tried". I burned my fingers a few times and quit so my mom finished it for me. Now I am proud to say I can use one all by myself... I even went out and bought my own yesterday. No more borrowing my mom's!

So now that you have seen my yummy looking Gumdrop Christmas Wreath you are jealous...
You want one of your own...
You are wondering how I made such a beautiful piece of art...
(Nod your head "yes" in agreement.)
And if you ask nicely I will tell.
Thanks for asking so nicely.
Items you will need:
(But feel free to mix it up a bit and post me a link so I can check yours out if you make one. I enjoy looking at what other people create.)

Glue gun with extra glue sticks
10' floral wreath
Floral wire
2 bags of gumdrops (1 pound each)
Glitter Spray
Masking Tape

NOTE: If you eat while you work, you will need 3 bags of candy. I only ate about 15 pieces so I had just enough... actually, I would have preferred about 3 more pieces, but was not willing to open another bag for that. (I plan on covering that up.) And just so you know, although the purple gumdrop is my favorite color, it is gross tasting! Is tastes like black licorice! Yuck!

NOTE #2: Buy your floral wreath from the Dollar Tree... it was $3.99 for the same exact one at Michael's. I also bought my floral wire there as well.

I started my Gumdrop Christmas Wreath by wrapping a piece of masking tape on top of the seam where the circle met. I did this to ensure my wreath would not tear apart underneath the weight of the gum drops. I think this is a key point to mention. If you do not do this, your wreath will not be enforced and could collapse under the weight. And let me tell you - it weighs more then you can imagine.

Next I tied floral wire several times into a circle around the wreath. I did this so I could hang the wreath easily on a hook. As you can see from this picture below, I twisted the wire the face the hook. I took one more piece of masking tape to secure the wire in place for easy hanging.

I decided to lay out newspaper on my table to help guard it. I also decided to dump 2 bags of gum drops in a bowl-like container. Once my glue gun was warmed up I started gluing my candy down in a circle. The first circle I did I kept my colors in order. It looked nice in order - but I wanted more randomness to my wreath... I didn't want it to look like I bought it from a

I just started gluing down any color my fingers plucked from the bowl. (I did cheat a little. I did not want two gum drops of the same color next to each other in a row. I was okay with two of the same colors next to each other from a different row though.)
Of course, if you make one, you do whatever floats your boat!

I was a little nervous once two rows were on the wreath. It did not look like I was doing it correctly. I thought I had too many gaps in between the candy.

As more candy weighed down the wreath, sometimes I had to place the wreath on my container to be able to glue more on. Once it really became weighed down I had to prop it up with my extra bag of candy gumdrops. It might be easier if you had someone helping you who was willing to hold it up while you glue candy onto it.

I decided to glue gum drops on the back of my wreath to make the 3D effect more scene. I think it helps fill out the wreath.
Here is what it looked like once all the candy was glued on it before I did anything else to it.
Next, mostly because I was afraid the sugar would come off, I sprayed it down with clear glitter to help it sparkle forever.
This was right after I sprayed it down.
(I'll admit I was nervous it would stay wet looking.)
10 minutes later it is dry....
Whoo.... (Wipe the sweat off my forehead)
Next I sealed it....
I was not thinking I spayed this on in the house. I strongly recommend doing this outside or else your house will be fuming!
I did take mine outside to air dry.
All done!

Now I just need to find a good place to hang it and decide how I want to hide the top of the wreath.
Check out my Christmas Ball Wreath if you want to make something else... or check it just because you are curious.