Monday, November 23, 2009

An Ozone Machine?

When I came home from work today I was a little disappointed to smell my home still smoky and see that my thermostat was still broken. Well, just a few minutes ago the maintenance guy came up and checked on the thermostat... looks like I will be getting a new one!
He then brought up the smoke smell. He said the owner was gonna come out Wednesday to check it out. He wanted to being an ozone machine on the same day, but he is going to wait until Saturday because me and Wyatt cannot be in the house for 9 hours while they do whatever they have to do. (I guess it is suppose to pull all the smoke smell out of the home?) Fine by me since I will not be here. I guess on Wednesday they will also be plugging the holes around the sinks. I truly hope this helps! I told him I would lock Wyatt in one of the bedrooms which means I need to go out and buy a baby gate tomorrow after work.
I made sure to be as nice as possible since it seems it is his wife who is stinking up my home. I asked him if he could smell it but he said no, he is used to it. I told him I hate to be a pain about the smoke smell, but I just cannot stand the smell.
I will keep you updated if anything changes - which I hope it will.

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