Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My New Crib

Here are some random pictures of my new place:
This is the front part of the living room. On the right (not pictured) is the front door.
From here, it looks like I am all unpacked!
Don't be fooled!
I don't think the shelving unit on the left will stay in this room... it is just here until I find another place for it.
(I need to do something with all those cords.)
This is the other side of the living room.
Looks empty.
My couch is still in Tennessee, but it will be here soon. It did not fit on the truck.
(I have LOTS of stuff!)
I know some you are probably thinking that is an understatement.
Especially my parents and Matt!
(Thank you all for helping me move it all!)
This is the dining area.
(Thank you Matt for putting my table back together)
You can see I still have more work to do.
The bookshelf would not stand up. G is gonna take the top off and see if it will fit. Which reminds me, I need to measure it. Once/If the bookshelf goes up, I will be able to unpack all my books and DVDs.
Do you spot Wyatt?
My kitchen.
Small and cramped.
It will take some getting used to.
All my cabinets are full and I still have more to put away.
Oh boy!
This is the second bedroom.
Nice and clean!
I have been putting everything in there for now.
Out of sight, out of mind!
I will unpack it, I promise.
My room!
Nice and big!
Mostly all clean!
Almost done in here.
This room was easy since everything was already in the drawers.
The bathroom in my room. A mess still.
I do not like this bathroom.
I will use it to potty, but nothing else. I plan on using the hall bathroom instead (not pictured).
The closet on the left is for clothes and the closet on the right is for a washer and dryer if you have one.
I wish I had more closets.

So there you have it... my new crib.
Old home, but newly painted and carpeted.
(I hear another train!)

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