Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm All Moved

It has been four days since I moved to my new home. According to my mother, I am exactly 2 hours and 39 minutes door to door. :)

I guess I should not complain.

It is just so weird being away though.

This is very different from when I went to Disney World for my internship. Even though I was gone about 6 months, I knew I would be back. Plus, being there, I never felt I lived there - I was just on a very long trip.

Back to current time:

My parent and Matt helped me load the truck Friday night and move in on Saturday.

Boy was that an adventure!

When we pull into the apartment complex, I showed G where he should park the moving truck so he could start getting the truck ready to be unloaded. Imagine our surprise to see another moving truck in the spot we needed to be in the same building. AND, he was also unloading stuff to an upstairs apartment!

So I get out of my car and ask him when he will be done - he says about 5 PM.

5 PM!!!!!!

I think to myself, t is only like 11 AM!!!

I tell G this and proceed to go sign the lease for my apartment since I feel I can do nothing else.

Of course, now I am stressed since I don't know how we we will get everything done and I know G and my mom can only stay for the day because Toby dog is home alone with no one to let him out.

Signing the lease was very different from the last lease I signed. For my old apartment, I signed one document which consisted of 2 pages long. For here, I signed about 5 documents. I first got upset when I read the lease time period was for a year when I know I told the other lady who worked there I only wanted a 6 month contract. When I told the lady this she said I could sign a 6 month lease, but for an extra $50 a month!

This place isn't that nice to tack on another $50!

So I called my mom, - no offense- but she was not helpful.

I felt like crying.

But, what choice did I really have except to sign it.

(If I break my lease, I lose my $400 deposit and 2 months worth of rent (over $1200).

I then learn in addition to my $300 non-refundable pet deposit ( I was okay with this part), I will also have to pay an extra $25 a month for Wyatt.

This is the second time I want to cry.

For the record, I do not cry in front of her - I cry later once I am alone on the phone with my mom.

We then walk to the apartment to inspect the place which she does all by herself and I just follow behind her to numb to speak.

This is when I see Matt and G helping the guy moving in his stuff up the stairs. Apparently, G told him they would help him if they helped us so we could all be done sooner.

(We do get done with both trucks WAY before 5 PM. They helped us with most of our truck - not all, which is okay.)

So after we inspect the apartment, me and the lady go back to the office so she can make me copies of everything.

I ask her for the phone numbers to put the water and electric into my name.

She gives me a list of numbers and tells me my water (cold) is included in my rent.


So I tell the lady I feel a little bit better about the $25/month pet fee since the water evens it out. (She knew I was upset.)

What a day huh?

Luckily, Matt was able to stay with me until Monday morning. I cried Saturday when my parents left and I cried Monday when Matt left.

So far, I have been okay.

I miss being in a town I already know and being in my familiar apartment.

My new apartment has new noises I have to get used to. I hear water going through pipes ALL the time. Trains go by all the time too with a loud whistling noise - EVEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!!! Since I have been writing, 2 have gone by!

I do like the bigger master bedroom, living room, and dining area. I hate the small guest room and kitchen. I miss my big closets. Here, I barely have and closets.

Wyatt already likes laying in the sun and looking outside the sliding doors. Yesterday, I left the screen open and he laid on the deck all by himself. However, when I leave him home alone - which I have done twice for about an hour - he barks and barks!

He needs to stop!

I was outside yesterday and the lady below me came outside. I asked her if she had heard him and she said "oh ya, we heard him barking" kinda meanly. I told her he should stop in a week, he was only doing it since he was scared. She still did not seem happy. Oh well, I cannot really do anything about it. I sure hope he stops though.

Well, I will take pictures once I find my cord that connects the camera to the computer. I was all excited when I found the camera charger.... forgot all about the cord.


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