Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Easy Money

I love making easy money!!!

Here, where I live we have a local "craiglist" online. You post what you want to sell with a picture and how much money you are requesting. People can then reply to your posting through email. (I buy from this site often.)

Well, last night I started to sort through my items and I found some stuff I no longer use that I normally would have just given to Goodwill. I figured I might as well try to get some money from junk that maybe someone else will consider treasure. Plus, I hate wasting money... I would rather earn money to put towards other items.

I listed 23 items.

I sold 3 of them on my lunch break.

I made $18!

It worked out well for me since all 3 people were able to meet at the
same place at the same time. I hope my other items sell just as easily. If they are not sold in a week I will just lower the prices. Then if they do not sell at
a lower price, I will just give them to Goodwill.
Any money is better than no money!

I plan on buying Wyatt a new bed and a few items to go on my walls in my
apartment with the money I make.
Wish me luck!!!

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