Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Ball Wreath

Look what I made?
I LOVE it!

Mom and I saw THIS blog where she wrote about this Christmas wreath she made.
You KNOW I like making wreaths... remember my EASTER WREATH?

Here are the items I bought to use for my wreath.
You just need Christmas balls, 1 wire hanger, and a hot glue gun.

You can use any colors and shapes you want. I love the candy theme for my Christmas decorations so the first balls I picked out were the stripped ones. I bought the stripped ones at Hobby Lobby for $7.99 each - on sale for 50% off which made them both $7.99 total. The green and red ones came from Wal-Mart for $5 each. The large square of red ornaments are the leftover ones my mom had from last year. I bought shatter proof ornaments which I recommend you buy too.

Before I left my mom's house today we played with this a bit.
We read online you should hot glue tops to the ornaments. After testing the balls on the wire hanger without being glued, we decided we would do this to all the balls. I highly recommend doing this. For some of the balls mom glued around the tops. On the others, we pulled out the top and then glued it back.
(Thank you mom for hot gluing them all on!)

Once I got home I took my mom's advice and separated all my balls on the floor by color and size.
(These are all the ones I started with and I still had some left over.)
I started with about 100 balls.

I was going to keep it on this wreath holder....not sure if it looks good on it though.
Also note my wire hanger turned into a circular shape.

One more picture of my mom fooling around with it before I left.
(I would of had more pictures in better order, but this darn blog would not allow me... not sure what is wrong with it.)

Here is a picture of me working on it.
Mom and I learned to not have it lay on the table.
You need to hold it up as you put the ornaments on it.
I learned to twist the balls around even more.
Do know that you do not really need to go in order (i.e. red then green then white....repeat). It will not look like that on your wreath. I tried having an order at first but it was not looking as good as I wanted it to.

The finished product... minus the bow.
It is too big for this wreath holder.
This wreath would look fuller if I made it smaller, but I like it like this.

Do you think I should cut pieces on garland to put in between some of my balls?

This was fun to make, but a little more time consuming then I had expected.
Mom, if you want one, I will help you make one.
Just so you know, to get the ends of the wire together at the end I taped it with regular tape and knotted several pieces of ribbon. I am not 100% sure it will stay together. Next time I see my parents we are going to try to clamp it some how.
Do not attach the 2 ends the way I did.... after 2 days it has came apart. I need some way to clamp the 2 ends together. I will think of something and let you know.
Have any ideas? I would appreciate them!


  1. I like it! We'll do your bow this weekend. Will it lay flat against a door or wall?

  2. I think you should cut a few pieces of the garland, stick 'em in and see how it looks. Like it - do more; don't like it, remove and throw out.

  3. I will try it tomorrow after work. I gotta start getting ready for tomorrow soon. It wont lay flat against the door... but it will kinda lay against it. You will see it soon. :)

  4. This one looks great as well. My mom made a huge wreath like this all out of red. She used the garland to fill any little holes, it looked great from a distance and up close it gave it a little extra "sparkle!. Man, you are becoming a MARTHA junior!

  5. I've been making these wreaths for a few years now. Instead of using a wire, try using a wreath made of twigs/branches found at "Michaels" craft stores. Then wrap the whole wreath in garland. Lay the wreath flat down and hot glue the ornaments on top of the garland. Do not attach ornaments to the back so when hung it will remain flat again the wall. The garland will fill in any spaces. Also, doing it this way, the wreath will be pretty big but beautiful when finished.

    1. Sorry I didn't see this sooner... this is a great tip I will keep in mind!

  6. Another way I have found doing them is to buy the foam "wreath" from Micheals and glue the balls to it. I have used garland and ribbon to fill it in and both have worked great!