Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ashtray Home

I am home now from TN.
I had to go and finish cleaning my old apartment and do the inspection to move out. (I will miss that place... I really like it there.)
It was nice to spend time with my parents and Matt. We enjoyed playing Wii!
Before I left, I was upset because my apartment smelled like someone has been smoking right in the living room.
I do not smoke.
Never have.
Never will.

Well, after some investigation, I have discovered it is not from people smoking outside, it is from, I assume, my downstairs neighbor. She is a smoker. Her husband is the maintenance man.
Do the math.
Go figure!

I called on Friday to look into switching apartments but was informed they are all smoking buildings.
That sucks!

So they are going to try and "plug" all the holes in my apartment.

I was really hoping it would work.
It would be a lot of work to move.
My apartment still smells like an ashtray. I have all my windows open and it still smells smokey. I hope they have not tried to do anything yet. I hope they do something about the smell soon though. Wish me luck please!

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