Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shop Till You drop

I had a good time with Matt today.

We went to the big city where we did some of our Christmas shopping. I bought a few things for some people who I will not mention. I got a few good deals. I cannot post them though since some people read my blog. I can say - as usual, we went to four Target's.


Matt took me to Fulin's for my birthday dinner!

I love that place!

We got milk shakes from Chick-Fila...

I think Matt wanted to go out and do something, but I think this was more fun.

Matt, we will go out and do something fun next time, I promise!
Oh, I bought the new Miley Cyrus CD from Wal-Mart - on sale today only (I think) for $5! I hope it is good!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Presents and Food! Mmmmm....

I hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

I know I did!

I was sad I did not get to go shopping on Black Friday since I was working, but thankfully, Matt went and bought the few items I wanted. This was my first year in YEARS not being able to go. Even when I worked at Belk, I always made sure to ask for an afternoon shift.

On Thanksgiving Day I was off work. Since I had to work on Friday my parents and brother came up to see me. I had made a nice veggie tray and some cookies. I was trying to be a good hostess since this is the first time they really came to my house for an event.

(Just so you know, a pre-made veggie tray from Kroger was $9.99. I bought a bottle of ranch dressing, a bag of organic carrots, celery, and a package of cherry tomatoes for about $6.50 which was more food and less money then the tray. Not bad! You should do this next time you want to buy one. It only took me about 10 minutes to wash everything and cut it all up.)

While they were over, we moved around some of my furniture and finished putting a few items where they belonged.

We went and ate dinner at Cracker Barrel. And I have to admit I was impressed. They did a nice Thanksgiving dinner. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, and cranberries – all topped with some gravy. You also got to choose a piece of pie. I had a piece of pumpkin.

My parents had to leave that night since Toby dog was home alone. My brother decided to stay the night with me since I had already planned to go to my mom’s for the weekend since this weekend is also my birthday and anniversary with Matt. He was just going to hang around the apartment while I was working. That evening after our parents left we rented the movie “The Taking of Pelham 123” which started off boring, but ended up being a good movie.

Sunday is my birthday so when my family came down on Thanksgiving Day to visit me they gave me my gifts.

Mom bought me this wonderful new TV.

My brother got me these cute items for my wall…. I will place them in my kitchen where I am sure they will look good.

Today my mom made our homemade Thanksgiving lunch. I wish I had taken a picture to post on here. She made turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans and mulled cider.


I am still full and we ate a few hours ago.

Now I am just waiting on Matt to get here so we can go to the big city where we will spend some time together shopping.

For our anniversary, I bought him a hoodie jacket, a wireless mouse, Scrubs DVD season 8, and a sock monkey ornament. For my birthday and anniversary combined, Matt is buying me a Wii system. He would have had it already, but I did not make a decision on whether or not I wanted extra features. He is hoping there will be some good deals on cyber Monday. I will keep my fingers crossed. I would like to get an extra controller with my system.

Here is the card he got me....
This includes many things I like:
The color purple
And here is the back....
This shows how well Matt knows me! :)
(He probably does not want me to share this, but oh well...
He knows I ALWAYS look to see how much the card was. I always tell him not to spend more then $1 on a card. At first glance,in the dark car, I was all happy with him since I thought he spent $0.86. Boy was I wrong!
He spent $2.86!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Redbox Thanks You With Free Rental Code

Enjoy a nice time with a good movie this evening!

Maybe you will get lucky and your Red Box Will have several movies to choose from.

Free Redbox Code for today only is: LLNS26

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!
Eat Lots!

Happy Anniversary Matt!

It has been a wonderful 4 years!

Monday, November 23, 2009

An Ozone Machine?

When I came home from work today I was a little disappointed to smell my home still smoky and see that my thermostat was still broken. Well, just a few minutes ago the maintenance guy came up and checked on the thermostat... looks like I will be getting a new one!
He then brought up the smoke smell. He said the owner was gonna come out Wednesday to check it out. He wanted to being an ozone machine on the same day, but he is going to wait until Saturday because me and Wyatt cannot be in the house for 9 hours while they do whatever they have to do. (I guess it is suppose to pull all the smoke smell out of the home?) Fine by me since I will not be here. I guess on Wednesday they will also be plugging the holes around the sinks. I truly hope this helps! I told him I would lock Wyatt in one of the bedrooms which means I need to go out and buy a baby gate tomorrow after work.
I made sure to be as nice as possible since it seems it is his wife who is stinking up my home. I asked him if he could smell it but he said no, he is used to it. I told him I hate to be a pain about the smoke smell, but I just cannot stand the smell.
I will keep you updated if anything changes - which I hope it will.

Big Day

My first day of work at my new job has come and gone.

It went well!

It was a bit boring since it was mostly hearing the rules and doing computer tests.

I was very happy to find out a lady started the same day as me.
We even went to lunch together!

Sadly, I have to work on Friday... I kinda figured I would have to... I was just hoping I would be off so I could go home for the holidays.
AND - I will have to miss shopping on BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!!!
This is my absolute favorite day to shop and I wont get to enjoy it!
At my old job I had requested off....
Glad I have a new job though!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Okay By Himself

This picture is a bit random but I thought it was cute!
So I decided to use it anyways.
Just wanted to let you know I left Wyatt home alone for almost 2 hours and I think he did okay.
Tomorrow will be the true test when I go to work.
I will leave the TV or radio on for him.
Hope he does not bark all day!

New Job Starts Tomorrow

(This was the only decent picture I could find...)
I start my new job tomorrow!

I am excited, but very nervous!

I am really hoping all goes well.

Starting a new job is always scary.

I would like to make a friend. Maybe someone will invite me to lunch... we will see. I guess it depends if I am even with my new co-workers... I might just be filling out paperwork all day. Who knows.

I will be doing the same type of job I was doing - except now I will have better pay and benefits!

I am hoping this means I will fit in easily and catch on to their policy and procedures quickly.


I am going to see if I can get my work car pass today instead of waiting until tomorrow. The less I have to worry about tomorrow morning, the better. I would like to bring Wyatt, but I need to test him and see if he will be okay home alone. Hopefully, he will not bark the whole time I am gone.

I plan on picking out my clothes tonight and taking a shower and straightening my hair so I will not have to do it in the morning.

At least this week will be a short week since Thursday is Thanksgiving. I am hoping I will be able to be off Friday too. I am a bit doubtful though since the old office I worked at is opened which probably means this office will be open. Guess I will have to wait and see.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Ball Wreath

Look what I made?
I LOVE it!

Mom and I saw THIS blog where she wrote about this Christmas wreath she made.
You KNOW I like making wreaths... remember my EASTER WREATH?

Here are the items I bought to use for my wreath.
You just need Christmas balls, 1 wire hanger, and a hot glue gun.

You can use any colors and shapes you want. I love the candy theme for my Christmas decorations so the first balls I picked out were the stripped ones. I bought the stripped ones at Hobby Lobby for $7.99 each - on sale for 50% off which made them both $7.99 total. The green and red ones came from Wal-Mart for $5 each. The large square of red ornaments are the leftover ones my mom had from last year. I bought shatter proof ornaments which I recommend you buy too.

Before I left my mom's house today we played with this a bit.
We read online you should hot glue tops to the ornaments. After testing the balls on the wire hanger without being glued, we decided we would do this to all the balls. I highly recommend doing this. For some of the balls mom glued around the tops. On the others, we pulled out the top and then glued it back.
(Thank you mom for hot gluing them all on!)

Once I got home I took my mom's advice and separated all my balls on the floor by color and size.
(These are all the ones I started with and I still had some left over.)
I started with about 100 balls.

I was going to keep it on this wreath holder....not sure if it looks good on it though.
Also note my wire hanger turned into a circular shape.

One more picture of my mom fooling around with it before I left.
(I would of had more pictures in better order, but this darn blog would not allow me... not sure what is wrong with it.)

Here is a picture of me working on it.
Mom and I learned to not have it lay on the table.
You need to hold it up as you put the ornaments on it.
I learned to twist the balls around even more.
Do know that you do not really need to go in order (i.e. red then green then white....repeat). It will not look like that on your wreath. I tried having an order at first but it was not looking as good as I wanted it to.

The finished product... minus the bow.
It is too big for this wreath holder.
This wreath would look fuller if I made it smaller, but I like it like this.

Do you think I should cut pieces on garland to put in between some of my balls?

This was fun to make, but a little more time consuming then I had expected.
Mom, if you want one, I will help you make one.
Just so you know, to get the ends of the wire together at the end I taped it with regular tape and knotted several pieces of ribbon. I am not 100% sure it will stay together. Next time I see my parents we are going to try to clamp it some how.
Do not attach the 2 ends the way I did.... after 2 days it has came apart. I need some way to clamp the 2 ends together. I will think of something and let you know.
Have any ideas? I would appreciate them!

Ashtray Home

I am home now from TN.
I had to go and finish cleaning my old apartment and do the inspection to move out. (I will miss that place... I really like it there.)
It was nice to spend time with my parents and Matt. We enjoyed playing Wii!
Before I left, I was upset because my apartment smelled like someone has been smoking right in the living room.
I do not smoke.
Never have.
Never will.

Well, after some investigation, I have discovered it is not from people smoking outside, it is from, I assume, my downstairs neighbor. She is a smoker. Her husband is the maintenance man.
Do the math.
Go figure!

I called on Friday to look into switching apartments but was informed they are all smoking buildings.
That sucks!

So they are going to try and "plug" all the holes in my apartment.

I was really hoping it would work.
It would be a lot of work to move.
My apartment still smells like an ashtray. I have all my windows open and it still smells smokey. I hope they have not tried to do anything yet. I hope they do something about the smell soon though. Wish me luck please!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Momma's Boy

My Wyatt!
He stays with me everywhere I go!

My New Crib

Here are some random pictures of my new place:
This is the front part of the living room. On the right (not pictured) is the front door.
From here, it looks like I am all unpacked!
Don't be fooled!
I don't think the shelving unit on the left will stay in this room... it is just here until I find another place for it.
(I need to do something with all those cords.)
This is the other side of the living room.
Looks empty.
My couch is still in Tennessee, but it will be here soon. It did not fit on the truck.
(I have LOTS of stuff!)
I know some you are probably thinking that is an understatement.
Especially my parents and Matt!
(Thank you all for helping me move it all!)
This is the dining area.
(Thank you Matt for putting my table back together)
You can see I still have more work to do.
The bookshelf would not stand up. G is gonna take the top off and see if it will fit. Which reminds me, I need to measure it. Once/If the bookshelf goes up, I will be able to unpack all my books and DVDs.
Do you spot Wyatt?
My kitchen.
Small and cramped.
It will take some getting used to.
All my cabinets are full and I still have more to put away.
Oh boy!
This is the second bedroom.
Nice and clean!
I have been putting everything in there for now.
Out of sight, out of mind!
I will unpack it, I promise.
My room!
Nice and big!
Mostly all clean!
Almost done in here.
This room was easy since everything was already in the drawers.
The bathroom in my room. A mess still.
I do not like this bathroom.
I will use it to potty, but nothing else. I plan on using the hall bathroom instead (not pictured).
The closet on the left is for clothes and the closet on the right is for a washer and dryer if you have one.
I wish I had more closets.

So there you have it... my new crib.
Old home, but newly painted and carpeted.
(I hear another train!)

My Own Clock

Friday was my last day of work before moving.
Look what they got me!
(You gotta love Photo Shop - I was able to remove my name!)
I LOVE it!
I am going to put it on my new desk!
I also got cake and a card!
I will miss several people I worked with!

Ordinary Tub?

Of course it is an ordinary bathtub! This is not Ripley's blog!
I found my camera cord and since I have nothing better to do, I figured I would post some random stuff about my new home.
Here is my new bathtub:
(Please ignore the wrinkled shower curtain)
Looks like any other tub on the surface.
In fact, when I first saw it I loved how it had a nice "storage" place for all my toiletries.
(I have them all faced forward so you can see what I use. :) Just Kidding! It is just a coincidence they are all facing forward - or is it? Which do you believe?)
Last night, I decided to take a bath since the night before I had bought a new book and today I had went and bought bubble bath.
Little did I know...
Do you see the ledge?
Where I lay my head/neck it is not slanted down! There is a ledge!
What kind of tub is this?
Guess this is just another thing I will have to get used to.
I have decided, I hate change!

I'm All Moved

It has been four days since I moved to my new home. According to my mother, I am exactly 2 hours and 39 minutes door to door. :)

I guess I should not complain.

It is just so weird being away though.

This is very different from when I went to Disney World for my internship. Even though I was gone about 6 months, I knew I would be back. Plus, being there, I never felt I lived there - I was just on a very long trip.

Back to current time:

My parent and Matt helped me load the truck Friday night and move in on Saturday.

Boy was that an adventure!

When we pull into the apartment complex, I showed G where he should park the moving truck so he could start getting the truck ready to be unloaded. Imagine our surprise to see another moving truck in the spot we needed to be in the same building. AND, he was also unloading stuff to an upstairs apartment!

So I get out of my car and ask him when he will be done - he says about 5 PM.

5 PM!!!!!!

I think to myself, t is only like 11 AM!!!

I tell G this and proceed to go sign the lease for my apartment since I feel I can do nothing else.

Of course, now I am stressed since I don't know how we we will get everything done and I know G and my mom can only stay for the day because Toby dog is home alone with no one to let him out.

Signing the lease was very different from the last lease I signed. For my old apartment, I signed one document which consisted of 2 pages long. For here, I signed about 5 documents. I first got upset when I read the lease time period was for a year when I know I told the other lady who worked there I only wanted a 6 month contract. When I told the lady this she said I could sign a 6 month lease, but for an extra $50 a month!

This place isn't that nice to tack on another $50!

So I called my mom, - no offense- but she was not helpful.

I felt like crying.

But, what choice did I really have except to sign it.

(If I break my lease, I lose my $400 deposit and 2 months worth of rent (over $1200).

I then learn in addition to my $300 non-refundable pet deposit ( I was okay with this part), I will also have to pay an extra $25 a month for Wyatt.

This is the second time I want to cry.

For the record, I do not cry in front of her - I cry later once I am alone on the phone with my mom.

We then walk to the apartment to inspect the place which she does all by herself and I just follow behind her to numb to speak.

This is when I see Matt and G helping the guy moving in his stuff up the stairs. Apparently, G told him they would help him if they helped us so we could all be done sooner.

(We do get done with both trucks WAY before 5 PM. They helped us with most of our truck - not all, which is okay.)

So after we inspect the apartment, me and the lady go back to the office so she can make me copies of everything.

I ask her for the phone numbers to put the water and electric into my name.

She gives me a list of numbers and tells me my water (cold) is included in my rent.


So I tell the lady I feel a little bit better about the $25/month pet fee since the water evens it out. (She knew I was upset.)

What a day huh?

Luckily, Matt was able to stay with me until Monday morning. I cried Saturday when my parents left and I cried Monday when Matt left.

So far, I have been okay.

I miss being in a town I already know and being in my familiar apartment.

My new apartment has new noises I have to get used to. I hear water going through pipes ALL the time. Trains go by all the time too with a loud whistling noise - EVEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!!! Since I have been writing, 2 have gone by!

I do like the bigger master bedroom, living room, and dining area. I hate the small guest room and kitchen. I miss my big closets. Here, I barely have and closets.

Wyatt already likes laying in the sun and looking outside the sliding doors. Yesterday, I left the screen open and he laid on the deck all by himself. However, when I leave him home alone - which I have done twice for about an hour - he barks and barks!

He needs to stop!

I was outside yesterday and the lady below me came outside. I asked her if she had heard him and she said "oh ya, we heard him barking" kinda meanly. I told her he should stop in a week, he was only doing it since he was scared. She still did not seem happy. Oh well, I cannot really do anything about it. I sure hope he stops though.

Well, I will take pictures once I find my cord that connects the camera to the computer. I was all excited when I found the camera charger.... forgot all about the cord.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Packing Is No Fun

I have been packing up my home in preparation of moving this weekend and my apartment is a wreck!
I cannot find anything I am looking for and it is starting to annoy me!

I am so happy I found a new job though!

I just wish the moving part could be done already.
Only a few more days thankfully!

I am just one person... how do families of four do this?
I do not think I would survive if I was in the military with all the moving they do!
Mom, I do not know how you tolerated it!
Almost done I suppose....

Gotta Love Making Money

Cha Ching!

Remember when I wrote about buying a Brita Water pitcher even though I already had one?
I only bought it since I had a coupon...which I do not recommend.

Well, I started thinking about it and realized I did not need 2. I decided to list it this morning on our local online site to see if I could sell it locally. It sold for $5 before lunch - and I listed it without the one filter it came with!

This means I made $1 profit plus a filter which are about $20 for 4!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Negative Balance at Kroger

Whether you know it or not, this week at Harris Teeter (through Wednesday) they are having triple coupons up to $0.99 up to 20 coupons. Surrounding Krogers are also doing the same sale.
Mom and I went to Kroger in the city to do one more shopping trip before I move.
(I did not take a picture nor will I be listing what I bought - sorry.)
However, when mine was all rang up after my coupons, I owed -$2.77!!!!
Meaning, the store owed me $2.77!!! That has never happened to me before.
Unfortunately, he was not going to give me the extra money so I added gum to my purchase to cover the overages. I was and still am so excited!
Just goes to show you clipping coupons is not a waste of time and effort.
I let my mom use some of my coupons since she does not have time to clip them herself. Her total went from $53 to $17
We both did great!

$5 Cooking Light

Click HERE to order a 1 year Cooking Light Magazine subscription from for $4.99.

This is an awesome sale since 1 issue at the store is $5!

This offer is only good for a few more days so order soon!

(Mom, I know you like this magazine!)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wii... Buy 2 get 1 FREE

Want or need any Wii games?

Check out my previous post for the link to Target toy coupons.
You can print coupons for $10 off any 2 Wii games priced from $14.99 to $49.99
Plus, now through Saturday, November 7, buy any 2 games priced from $14.99 to $49.99 get a third game free.
(You can also print coupons for $10 off 2 PSP, PS3, XBOX 360, or DS games)
I bought these 3 games, priced at $49.99 each for $90 plus tax.
3 games at $49.99 each
= $150
- 1 game free
- $10 off coupon
=$90 plus tax

Mom, please do not show Greg this part...
He will be getting some Wii games from me for Christmas.
I REPEAT... please keep this a secret!
I bought 6 games for $30 plus tax
6 games for $14.99 each
-2 games free $30
- 3 $10 off coupons
=$30 for 6
I was not sure I would be able to use 3 coupons since I technically only bought 4 games.
But, it worked without beeping!
I am so happy about my deals!!!!
I was planing on buying myself a Wii but Matt wants to buy me one for my birthday and anniversary combined.... which is why I could rationalize buying the games.
Note to my mom.....
Now all I need is Wii Fit for my birthday....

Friday, November 6, 2009

75% off Halloween @ Target

I went to Target (3 of them) and bought some clearance Halloween items for 75% off.

Candy is also 75% off.

I bought some, but decided not to take a picture.

Check your local Target if you are wanting/needing any Halloween merchandise or candy.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Target Toy Coupons

I couldn't resist... I feel I should post this with the holidays coming up. If you need to buy any holiday toys, check out TARGET's new printable couponswhich do not expire until November 25.

Many of them seem like you would be able to get inexpensive gifts.

Remember, if you have any manufacturer's coupons for any of the items, Target does accept both for one item. You can also price match.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'll Miss My Discount

I turned in my 3 weeks notice into my part-time employer a week or so ago for my last day to be November 14.

It is a little bitter sweet.

I am going to miss being there in a way.
I know I always complain when I have to work, but it is easy work when I am there (I work in the jewelry department). I have been there over 3 years and, I think, I am used to it at this point. Some people I work with have been there as long or longer and those are the people I will miss since I worked with them for so long. (Not to say I wont miss others, but you know what I mean.)
I appreciate the company for hiring me and keeping me for as long as they have. I started working part-time there while in college and then trained for management after college only to find out I hate working retail. (Which was mostly why I looked for a new and "better" job.)

I am glad to not have to work there another December!

It will be nice just shopping and not working during the busiest time of the year.
(People are so mean this time of the year! If you are one of them, you should be nicer - retail workers are poorly paid and under appreciated.)

Anyways, today is my forth to last day and I plan on looking for my last items to buy. I know I want to get Wyatt a new dog bed and I want to buy myself a few new pairs of dress pants for work. I am sure I will find a few more things to buy. I just do not want to spend a lot of money....

I will miss my 20% discount.

Maybe without the discount I will shop less.

We will see.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Easy Money

I love making easy money!!!

Here, where I live we have a local "craiglist" online. You post what you want to sell with a picture and how much money you are requesting. People can then reply to your posting through email. (I buy from this site often.)

Well, last night I started to sort through my items and I found some stuff I no longer use that I normally would have just given to Goodwill. I figured I might as well try to get some money from junk that maybe someone else will consider treasure. Plus, I hate wasting money... I would rather earn money to put towards other items.

I listed 23 items.

I sold 3 of them on my lunch break.

I made $18!

It worked out well for me since all 3 people were able to meet at the
same place at the same time. I hope my other items sell just as easily. If they are not sold in a week I will just lower the prices. Then if they do not sell at
a lower price, I will just give them to Goodwill.
Any money is better than no money!

I plan on buying Wyatt a new bed and a few items to go on my walls in my
apartment with the money I make.
Wish me luck!!!