Saturday, October 31, 2009

Zappos Shoes

Have you ever heard of Zappos?
I hadn't till yesterday.
My mom and I went to Louisville, Ky and she had heard from a friend that the store's outlet was located off of our route.
So of course we had to stop there and check it out for ourselves.
This is the building.
Well, a tiny portion of the building.
The majority of the building, I assume, is a giant warehouse because the building was humongous!
I would have had to of been far away from it to get a picture of the whole building.
Enough about the building....
Inside they just have rows and rows of shoes on shoe racks all sized accordingly.
Mostly women were the ones shopping; even though they do have men's shoes too.
It was amazing!
In case you ever go there, this is how the prices were:
You will see the manufacturer's price.
On top of that will be the price.
All items in the store are at least 50% off the price.
Because of the holiday, if their is a black bar on the sticker, you get 60% off.
All sandals with open toe and open heel are 70% off.
Any shoe with a manufacturer's price over $200 is also 70% off.
Lots to remember!
A nice young lady that worked there explained all this to mom and me.
Between mom and I, we got 5 pairs of shoes.
While we were in the store they announced they had sold x amount of shoes meaning if we bought 5 pairs or more, we would get an additional $5.00 off.
Mom truly enjoyed herself!
I think she would have bought 20 if she could and had been willing to spend the money!
I only found one pair I really wanted - mom bought me them.
Chaco is the brand.
I have never heard of them, but they are SOOOOO comfortable.
As my mom says, "Fits like a glove".
The cashier said they are big sellers and people love them.

I will be sure to stop there again!


  1. We are so glad you stopped by! I work at the Front Desk to the Warehouse (the BIG BUILDING). :) The outlet is AMAZING and we hope you come back sometime again soon!!


  2. How exciting!! Here at the Las Vegas Headquarters nothing makes us happier than seeing such a wonderful pup that loves wonderful shoes!!

  3. Trust me, my mom and I will be back very soon! We both loved it! We would probably have bought more if we had more time. :)