Thursday, October 15, 2009

What? He Has A Dislike?

For those of you who know Wyatt, you know he LOVES food!

Any food!

I honestly think if I had grass on a plate and was pretending to eat it he would want some.

He is such a beggar!

I used to try to discipline him to get him to stop.... but know I just let him beg

He just stares and stares.

If watch his eyes and head go up and down, up and down. Left to right. Left to right. No matter which way the food moved; so does his eyes.

But get this....

Yesterday I bought a veggie tray for my work potluck which was barely touched. (Guess no one wanted to eat healthy food.) Well, when I came home from work today I decided to eat some celery and cherry tomatoes before my second job.

Wyatt's nose was going crazy!

I offered him a piece of celery.

He took it.

Then spit it out and smelled it.

He looked up at me.

I told him no more. (He does this sometimes when he wants more.)

He licked it up.

Out it went once again.


Who knew?

This is his first dislike!

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