Sunday, October 4, 2009

Visiting Grandparents

This weekend I decided to go visit my grandparents.
They live about three hours away - not too far of a drive for a weekend.
I am glad I went.
I had a very nice time.
My grandma and I did some shopping while I was there. I also made a stop at Walgreens when I got home.
(My nosy dog!)
These are the Breast Cancer Research Foundation shopping bags I had wanted. I had went to my local Save A Lot store to purchase them on Thursday and they did not have them. I was kinda annoyed since they were advertised in there ad and I drove out of my way after work to get them. I don't think I will do that again.
We stopped by the one in my Grandma's town and they had three left. Lucky, right? I bought them all. (I gave one to my mom.)
I think they will make a good addition to the 20 or so I already have. LOL!
Of course, I like the cause they support and the color pink is beginning to grow on me.
(My favorite color is light purple)

The dog I got from Dress Barn. You should go buy yourself one too. His name is Biscuit and he costs $5.00
$2.00 goes straight to the foundation.
He is cute and soft. Great for any child.
I stopped at Big Lots when I stopped at an exit to rest.
I bought this for $5.00
It looks good in my downstairs bathroom. I didn't know this, but you can click
HERE and print a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase through October 10th. That is a good coupon. Sometimes, they have really inexpensive decorative pictures for the walls.

At Walgreens, I bought all this in 3 transactions. I paid about $6.00 out of pocket after using my Register Rewards and got even more. 'The Office' game is for Matt. He loves that show. We will enjoy playing it. The game is on clearance for $4.00!
The baking dishes are on clearance for $3.69!
Purell (8 ounces) hand sanitizer are $2.99 each and giving back $2.00 in Register Rewards. Plus, I had 2 coupons for $0.50 off 1. This is a good price if you need hand sanitizer for work like I do.

Grandma and Grandpa, I hope you both know I had a nice time seeing you both. I will be sure to come again soon. One day, you need to come visit us. Remember, I have an extra bedroom with a bed in it.
I would love to have you both over!
See you both soon!

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