Friday, October 9, 2009

This Girl Got Her Flu Shot!

As I type this, I realize you probably don't care, but I am going to blog about it anyways.
I got my flu shot today! It is a big deal since I am very afraid of shots.
Stupid, yes.
Normal, also yes.
I was suppose to get it about three weeks ago... (This is where my story begins -on the flu shot issue at least)
My friend Patti and I decided one Wednesday we would go get our flu shot on the following Sunday after going to the gym. I did not want to get it done but knew I needed to since i currently do not have health insurance and I know if I get the flu it could cost me some serious money to go see a doctor and get medicine.
~~Side Note~~
I do not have health insurance on my own free will. My employer does offer it, and I did have it, but when open enrollment opened up this year, I decided to cancel it since I am in good health and I prefer to keep that money in a savings account. I think I used my insurance 3 times. I paid more for insuance than I would have out of pocket
Again, I decided this on my own....
I can have health insurance....
I do not, I REPEAT, I DO NOT want a government run health insurance...
~~End Side Note~~
So being that I had a few days to get over my fear, I agreed to get my shot.
Sunday comes, we go to the gym and then we go to Walgreen's. (I stopped and got us Sonic Limeaides for the wait) :)
We walk in to check in and our told they left early and the walk-in clinic is closed for the day.
We are forced to wait for another day since this is the only Walgreen's with a walk-in clinic in our town.
I am not relieved like you are probably thinking. I was mad. I had prepared myself for this day and now I had to do it all over again.

When the time comes for us to go during the week, Patti is unable to go and I am too chicken to go alone.
There was NO WAY I was going to get it by myself! (I needed someone to hold my hand!)
So this past Monday we decided to go tonight. We get there, check-in, learn there is a hour wait and we go eat at Jersey Mike's (I got the #9!)
When we get back it is our turn. We got there in perfect timing!
I get mine first.
I held Patti's hand and the lady says 1....2...3....
It was over before I knew it!
I barely felt it!
I worked myself up for 2 weeks for nothing!
I'm glad it over....
This chicken will not be scared next flu season....
To anyone who is scared..... I am being completely honest when I say this to you...... The flu shot did not hurt.
If you are interested in getting one and you have a Walgreen's walk-in clinic... it is $25 without insurance. If you have insurance, your insurance will probably cover it like Patti's did (or like my mom's).
I am completely satisfied with my visit.
Nice staff and all.

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