Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Newspaper For A Buck

Another reason to love the store "Dollar Tree."

As advertised, everything is $1.00, including your local Sunday newspaper. At least, here where I live it is! It probably is by you too!

This is great since I was extremely disappointed when Walgreens stopped selling them for this price. (It almost made me not want to buy a paper at all - in the end, I just bought fewer papers.)

Matt and I were in the Dollar Tree buying some shipping items two weeks ago when we saw the sign. I asked the lady about it and she confirmed it. Two Sundays ago I went to buy some papers when I got off work, but they were all sold out. When I went this past Sunday, I was able to get my 3!!!

I recommend you buy your Sunday newspapers here! You will save at least $0.50 on each paper.

I do not have my camera with me right now or I would post some pictures.... I want to tell you about a few items I bought here in my last 2 visits.

I bought a maroon table runner (not real thick, but perfect for what I want it for), holiday (Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween) plastic containers (for candy or anything else), tape...

They have such cute Christmas decorations there this year. Once I have my camera I will post a few pictures. Matt and I found a bunch of neat items. It is worth a visit.

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