Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Heat Me Up Baby!


Catchy title, huh?

I bought a space heater today.

Last year I had SEVERAL $150 heating bills and I decided this year I would NOT have those again. I hate that the bills were so high especially since I leave my heat low at 65 degrees. (Okay, sometimes at 67 - but not for long periods of time). My townhouse is just SO poorly insulated. Leaving my heat this low still had me cold sometimes! I cannot imagine how much my bill would be if I put it on something like 70 degrees!
I need gas heat like my mom!!!

My solution: buy a space heater to carry into whichever room I am in.


Must be less than $75 dollars

Must be ceramic

Must be light to carry

Must be a brand I have heard of

Would be nice if it had a remote (not a necessity)

I found the perfect one at Target last week.
But did I buy it, NOOO!!!

I always doubt myself than have buyers remorse for not getting it.

(It was $50)

So yesterday after working a full day at both jobs I decided to go back and buy it.

But my feet were hurting, I was tired, and I needed a shower.

I went home.

I got smart today. Even though I absolutely HATE Wal-Mart, I went and bought the exact one on my lunch break for $5.00 cheaper! (It was just so much easier to go to the competitor since their is not any other store on that side of town.... Don't judge me!)


It is a LASKO Ceramic Tower Heater with remote!


I sure hope it lowers my energy bill!

I will be sure to let you know.

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