Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Home

I FINALLY put out my Halloween decorations last week!
I know I am late about doing it, but I just cold not get motivated to get it done.
I love decorating for the holidays (no matter which one), but I just cannot get into Halloween no matter how hard I try.
I think I could get into it if I had a child or a friend's child who was getting excited about it. It would be fun to have a little one who you could dress up and then walk house to house.
I remember when my brother and I went to trick-or-treat each year... We used to go in the hall (we were a little older) and after my mom went through our candy to make sure it was all okay, we would trade. Those were the days!
Anyways, the whole point of my little story is to show off my few Halloween decorations.

I hung this by my TV in my livingroom.

(Bought it on clearance from Belk last year in case you were wondering.)

My two pictures holders that are cute!
(Target, last year)
My pumkin pale - to hold candy if I buy any
(Target, last year)
I think everyone needs to have one of these!
My mug which I am using as a decorative piece.
(Target, last year)
Not so spooky, huh?

I just have these few.... maybe I will get a few things for around the front door if I decide to pass out Halloween candy.
I am playing it by ear.
Each time someone knocks on my door Wyatt will bark and if it is cold, too much of my bought heat will escape each time I open the door (I am very cheap!). Plus, I have to work my part-time job on Halloween!
So I might not participate at all this year.

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