Saturday, October 31, 2009

All Dressed Up

Happy Halloween!

Wyatt is the GREAT PUMPKIN Charlie Brown!
Well, actually, Linus wanted and hoped to see him!
I promise, he usually likes wearing clothes!

Happy Halloween Charlie Brown

It came on at 1 PM on ABC today!
Made my holiday better!

Did you get to see it this year?

Zappos Shoes

Have you ever heard of Zappos?
I hadn't till yesterday.
My mom and I went to Louisville, Ky and she had heard from a friend that the store's outlet was located off of our route.
So of course we had to stop there and check it out for ourselves.
This is the building.
Well, a tiny portion of the building.
The majority of the building, I assume, is a giant warehouse because the building was humongous!
I would have had to of been far away from it to get a picture of the whole building.
Enough about the building....
Inside they just have rows and rows of shoes on shoe racks all sized accordingly.
Mostly women were the ones shopping; even though they do have men's shoes too.
It was amazing!
In case you ever go there, this is how the prices were:
You will see the manufacturer's price.
On top of that will be the price.
All items in the store are at least 50% off the price.
Because of the holiday, if their is a black bar on the sticker, you get 60% off.
All sandals with open toe and open heel are 70% off.
Any shoe with a manufacturer's price over $200 is also 70% off.
Lots to remember!
A nice young lady that worked there explained all this to mom and me.
Between mom and I, we got 5 pairs of shoes.
While we were in the store they announced they had sold x amount of shoes meaning if we bought 5 pairs or more, we would get an additional $5.00 off.
Mom truly enjoyed herself!
I think she would have bought 20 if she could and had been willing to spend the money!
I only found one pair I really wanted - mom bought me them.
Chaco is the brand.
I have never heard of them, but they are SOOOOO comfortable.
As my mom says, "Fits like a glove".
The cashier said they are big sellers and people love them.

I will be sure to stop there again!

I'm Still Debating

I had read on a blog that the BRITA 8 cup water picture was on clearance at Walgreens for $8.50 and their is a $5.00 off coupon floating around making it $3.50 before tax and then you would get $3.00 back in Register rewards.
Well, I went to my local Walgreens to see if I could find one since I had a coupon for $4.00
(I already have a BRITA so I am not sure why I felt I needed another one.)
I got all excited when I saw one on the shelf.
I went to the cashier in the photo area to get a price check since it had no price on it or on the shelf. Of course, it would not ring up. The lady called the manager who didn't know what to do and then they called the store manager who said to sell it for $11.00.
I knew it would not give me the RR if I bought it.
But, I decided to get it.
It was $7.00 after my coupon.
I shouldn't have got it.
Luckily, it did give me the $3.00 RR!!!
So it was $4.00 in the end.
Not a wonderful price, but I am still happy with it!
I truly am gonna try to do better!

Mega Deals

Through today, Kroger is having their Mega Deal Savings.

If you have the right coupons, you can get some really good deals for very inexpensive. even without the coupons, you can do good.

I got all of these items for $10.04!!!

My ten items I will list first.

3 Bottles of Snuggle fabric Softener
-$1.50 on the 3 for buying 10 participating items ($5.00 off total)
Used 3 $3.00 off coupons


3 Frank's Hot Sauce
-$1.50 on the 3 for buying 10 participating items
Used 3 $0.50 off coupons which doubled to $1.00 each
$0.50 each

2 cans of Carnation
-1.00 on both for buying 10 participating items
Used 1 coupon for $0.5o off 2 which doubled to $1.00
$0.59 for both

2 boxes of Nutri-Grain Bars
-$1.00 on both for buying 10 participating items
Used $2.00 off 2 coupon
$2.00 for both

2 Cresent Rolls
Used 2 $1.00 off coupons
$0.79 each

2 boxes of rice Krispies Treats
Used $2.00 off 2
$1.50 each

I plan on buying a few more items there today. I will post what I buy. In the meantime, you should go there too!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mr, Mrs, And Baby SnowMan Family

If you read my blog you know my friend Maggie has been teaching me to crochet.
Just kidding!!!
I wish!
She is making these for a craft fair and had brought them into work when she was working on them.
I had to have them!
I think they are so darn cute!
I love the traditional red, white, and green for Christmas!
I should name them! :)

Join Vocalpoint - Worth it!

(Sorry, I meant to post this last week but time got away from me.)
I love getting FREE stuff in the mail!
I especially like getting GOOD FREE stuff in the mail!
Imagine how happy I was to get this in the mail.
I wondered what it was the whole way from the mailbox to the house. (And of course the whole time Wyatt looked for a good spot to use the bathroom... this was after he refused to go in the grass and then I made him.)

This is a good freebie!

I will give it to my mom... will you use it mom?
If anyone I know personally wants a $10.00 off coupon, I have 5 for my friends and family.
The website is a great website to join to receive free items and stuff. I have gotten a coupon for FREE box of Rice Krispies with 5 $1.00 coupons and a coupon for FREE box on Kashi cereal and 5 $1.50 off coupons, a coupon for a FREE cup of Mac and Cheese with 2 B1G1 FREE coupons, plus more.
You should join!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Halloween is one week away and I still have not seen my favorite Halloween movie on TV!

I enjoy watching this movie every year.
Growing up, we had this movie on VHS.... I think my mom might still have it...
Does anyone know when it will come on???

Double Dogs???

Matt and I went away to Louisville, Ky this weekend and on our way home we stopped in Bowling Green, Ky for Wendy's(it was past lunch time and we needed some food).
We ate and then drove around to see what we could see.
And look what we saw:

Okay, yes, the pictures are horrible but you have to remember I am driving while taking these!
It is a restaurant!
I wish we had known or we would have ate there.
I will have to remember it next time we drive through.
It looks cute!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Smile! :)

Poor Leadership

This says it all!

Halloween Home

I FINALLY put out my Halloween decorations last week!
I know I am late about doing it, but I just cold not get motivated to get it done.
I love decorating for the holidays (no matter which one), but I just cannot get into Halloween no matter how hard I try.
I think I could get into it if I had a child or a friend's child who was getting excited about it. It would be fun to have a little one who you could dress up and then walk house to house.
I remember when my brother and I went to trick-or-treat each year... We used to go in the hall (we were a little older) and after my mom went through our candy to make sure it was all okay, we would trade. Those were the days!
Anyways, the whole point of my little story is to show off my few Halloween decorations.

I hung this by my TV in my livingroom.

(Bought it on clearance from Belk last year in case you were wondering.)

My two pictures holders that are cute!
(Target, last year)
My pumkin pale - to hold candy if I buy any
(Target, last year)
I think everyone needs to have one of these!
My mug which I am using as a decorative piece.
(Target, last year)
Not so spooky, huh?

I just have these few.... maybe I will get a few things for around the front door if I decide to pass out Halloween candy.
I am playing it by ear.
Each time someone knocks on my door Wyatt will bark and if it is cold, too much of my bought heat will escape each time I open the door (I am very cheap!). Plus, I have to work my part-time job on Halloween!
So I might not participate at all this year.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Proposal Review

I just got done watching this movie about 15 minutes ago....
It was sooooo good!
You need to go out and rent this one!
I absolutely enjoyed it!
This is one I want to buy when I find it for $5.00 or less. I hope I find it soon.
It is about a guy who works for a complete hardass. He does everything she asks him to do in hope he too will become an editor one day. His boss (Sandra Bullock) finds out she is being deported back to Canada since she failed to finish her green card paperwork and she left the country for a work event when she was told not to leave. In comes Ryan Reyonalds who she tells her boss she is marrying.
When they leave the room she tells him how she is going to blackmail him into marrying her. He agrees since she is suppose to make him an editor.

I am not going to say anything else about the story since I do not want to ruin for you!

I'm Not Negotiating Either!

Do you ever have these days!
Not that you particularly want to know this, but Wyatt has not pooped ALL day!
I would usually bribe him, but not today.
He needs to just go!
I rented the movie - The Proposal.
I am about to cook me some dinner and then get comfy in my chair with Wyatt and watch it. I love these kind of nights!
Hope my new heater keeps us nice and toasty!

Heat Me Up Baby!


Catchy title, huh?

I bought a space heater today.

Last year I had SEVERAL $150 heating bills and I decided this year I would NOT have those again. I hate that the bills were so high especially since I leave my heat low at 65 degrees. (Okay, sometimes at 67 - but not for long periods of time). My townhouse is just SO poorly insulated. Leaving my heat this low still had me cold sometimes! I cannot imagine how much my bill would be if I put it on something like 70 degrees!
I need gas heat like my mom!!!

My solution: buy a space heater to carry into whichever room I am in.


Must be less than $75 dollars

Must be ceramic

Must be light to carry

Must be a brand I have heard of

Would be nice if it had a remote (not a necessity)

I found the perfect one at Target last week.
But did I buy it, NOOO!!!

I always doubt myself than have buyers remorse for not getting it.

(It was $50)

So yesterday after working a full day at both jobs I decided to go back and buy it.

But my feet were hurting, I was tired, and I needed a shower.

I went home.

I got smart today. Even though I absolutely HATE Wal-Mart, I went and bought the exact one on my lunch break for $5.00 cheaper! (It was just so much easier to go to the competitor since their is not any other store on that side of town.... Don't judge me!)


It is a LASKO Ceramic Tower Heater with remote!


I sure hope it lowers my energy bill!

I will be sure to let you know.

Newspaper For A Buck

Another reason to love the store "Dollar Tree."

As advertised, everything is $1.00, including your local Sunday newspaper. At least, here where I live it is! It probably is by you too!

This is great since I was extremely disappointed when Walgreens stopped selling them for this price. (It almost made me not want to buy a paper at all - in the end, I just bought fewer papers.)

Matt and I were in the Dollar Tree buying some shipping items two weeks ago when we saw the sign. I asked the lady about it and she confirmed it. Two Sundays ago I went to buy some papers when I got off work, but they were all sold out. When I went this past Sunday, I was able to get my 3!!!

I recommend you buy your Sunday newspapers here! You will save at least $0.50 on each paper.

I do not have my camera with me right now or I would post some pictures.... I want to tell you about a few items I bought here in my last 2 visits.

I bought a maroon table runner (not real thick, but perfect for what I want it for), holiday (Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween) plastic containers (for candy or anything else), tape...

They have such cute Christmas decorations there this year. Once I have my camera I will post a few pictures. Matt and I found a bunch of neat items. It is worth a visit.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What? He Has A Dislike?

For those of you who know Wyatt, you know he LOVES food!

Any food!

I honestly think if I had grass on a plate and was pretending to eat it he would want some.

He is such a beggar!

I used to try to discipline him to get him to stop.... but know I just let him beg

He just stares and stares.

If watch his eyes and head go up and down, up and down. Left to right. Left to right. No matter which way the food moved; so does his eyes.

But get this....

Yesterday I bought a veggie tray for my work potluck which was barely touched. (Guess no one wanted to eat healthy food.) Well, when I came home from work today I decided to eat some celery and cherry tomatoes before my second job.

Wyatt's nose was going crazy!

I offered him a piece of celery.

He took it.

Then spit it out and smelled it.

He looked up at me.

I told him no more. (He does this sometimes when he wants more.)

He licked it up.

Out it went once again.


Who knew?

This is his first dislike!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wyatt The Bed Hog

I stumbled upon this while looking for funny pictures.
It reminds me of Wyatt.
He sleeps in the middle of my queen bed and I get a small sliver of space. Everytime I scoot over, he moves next to me until I am at the edge of the bed.
I think he thinks my bed is his bed.
I think he thinks he is gracious enough to share with me.
What a crazy dog!

I Can't Help Myself

So I was searching for a good Halloween picture to post next to me blogging about going to a corn maze and pumpkin patch this weekend.
(I really am going. I am excited. I hope to find the perfect pumpkins for my house.)
Look what I found instead!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Too funny!
This is SOOOO true!
Whoever created this cartoon hit it dead on!
(Hope I did not offend anyone, but if I did, disregard this post. It is my opinion which I am entitled to thanks to the 1st amendment of the constitution!)

Lifting My Butt Off The Couch

I finally got off my butt and went to the gym today with my friend Patti.

It has been awhile since I have been. I feel like I am wasting my money but I do not want to cancel just yet. I do enjoying going to the gym once I am there... it just takes a lot of effort to get there. Especially now that is getting cold - I really have a hard time getting out of the nice warm house, into the car and to the gym.


Go home from work.

Let Wyatt out.

Pet Wyatt.

Get ready for gym (change).

Go out into the cold.

Lock the door.

Get in the car.

Start driving while the car warms up.

Arrive at the gym.

Get out of the car and walk in the gym doors.

Scan card.

Find a good machine.

Start exercising.


Keep in mind, I do this in shorts since it is too hot to work out in pants. I guess I could change once I got to the gym....

Now there's an idea....

Angel In Disguise

Look what my friend Maggie made me!
(I had a hard time getting a good picture)
It is a beautiful angel meant for your Christmas tree.
I will put it on my Christmas tree, but I plan on leaving it right here in my bedroom all year long. I will think of it as my guardian angel.
It will make a great addition to my decor.
If anyone wants one, let me know and I will put you in touch with her. She will make you any color angel you want. I think they would make great Christmas presents. She is very talented and can pretty much make you anything you want. She also makes cute horses and bumble bees.
Anyways, if you are reading this, THANK YOU!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

And It Rained...

It rained for about 10 days straight and then it stopped for the past 5 of 6 days.
It has been raining since yesterday and does not seem like it will be stopping anytime soon. And with the rain comes colder temperatures.
All I can think about is the song from Winnie The Pooh - The Rain Rain Rain Came Down...
Do you remember the song?
I looked all over youtube and the Internet for it. I could only find it in Swedish. But, at least you can watch it. I recognize the pictures and the music.... just not the words.


Friday, October 9, 2009

This Girl Got Her Flu Shot!

As I type this, I realize you probably don't care, but I am going to blog about it anyways.
I got my flu shot today! It is a big deal since I am very afraid of shots.
Stupid, yes.
Normal, also yes.
I was suppose to get it about three weeks ago... (This is where my story begins -on the flu shot issue at least)
My friend Patti and I decided one Wednesday we would go get our flu shot on the following Sunday after going to the gym. I did not want to get it done but knew I needed to since i currently do not have health insurance and I know if I get the flu it could cost me some serious money to go see a doctor and get medicine.
~~Side Note~~
I do not have health insurance on my own free will. My employer does offer it, and I did have it, but when open enrollment opened up this year, I decided to cancel it since I am in good health and I prefer to keep that money in a savings account. I think I used my insurance 3 times. I paid more for insuance than I would have out of pocket
Again, I decided this on my own....
I can have health insurance....
I do not, I REPEAT, I DO NOT want a government run health insurance...
~~End Side Note~~
So being that I had a few days to get over my fear, I agreed to get my shot.
Sunday comes, we go to the gym and then we go to Walgreen's. (I stopped and got us Sonic Limeaides for the wait) :)
We walk in to check in and our told they left early and the walk-in clinic is closed for the day.
We are forced to wait for another day since this is the only Walgreen's with a walk-in clinic in our town.
I am not relieved like you are probably thinking. I was mad. I had prepared myself for this day and now I had to do it all over again.

When the time comes for us to go during the week, Patti is unable to go and I am too chicken to go alone.
There was NO WAY I was going to get it by myself! (I needed someone to hold my hand!)
So this past Monday we decided to go tonight. We get there, check-in, learn there is a hour wait and we go eat at Jersey Mike's (I got the #9!)
When we get back it is our turn. We got there in perfect timing!
I get mine first.
I held Patti's hand and the lady says 1....2...3....
It was over before I knew it!
I barely felt it!
I worked myself up for 2 weeks for nothing!
I'm glad it over....
This chicken will not be scared next flu season....
To anyone who is scared..... I am being completely honest when I say this to you...... The flu shot did not hurt.
If you are interested in getting one and you have a Walgreen's walk-in clinic... it is $25 without insurance. If you have insurance, your insurance will probably cover it like Patti's did (or like my mom's).
I am completely satisfied with my visit.
Nice staff and all.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Find A Job Through Gifts

My friend Irene and i went to a job fair today on our lunch.
We were a little disappointed none of the jobs were for us, but at least we got a bunch of free things.
I know most of the things I do not need, but we sure had fun getting all the items!
I really like my triangle highlighter!
I also love the bag clips.... you can never have too many of those.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Visiting Grandparents

This weekend I decided to go visit my grandparents.
They live about three hours away - not too far of a drive for a weekend.
I am glad I went.
I had a very nice time.
My grandma and I did some shopping while I was there. I also made a stop at Walgreens when I got home.
(My nosy dog!)
These are the Breast Cancer Research Foundation shopping bags I had wanted. I had went to my local Save A Lot store to purchase them on Thursday and they did not have them. I was kinda annoyed since they were advertised in there ad and I drove out of my way after work to get them. I don't think I will do that again.
We stopped by the one in my Grandma's town and they had three left. Lucky, right? I bought them all. (I gave one to my mom.)
I think they will make a good addition to the 20 or so I already have. LOL!
Of course, I like the cause they support and the color pink is beginning to grow on me.
(My favorite color is light purple)

The dog I got from Dress Barn. You should go buy yourself one too. His name is Biscuit and he costs $5.00
$2.00 goes straight to the foundation.
He is cute and soft. Great for any child.
I stopped at Big Lots when I stopped at an exit to rest.
I bought this for $5.00
It looks good in my downstairs bathroom. I didn't know this, but you can click
HERE and print a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase through October 10th. That is a good coupon. Sometimes, they have really inexpensive decorative pictures for the walls.

At Walgreens, I bought all this in 3 transactions. I paid about $6.00 out of pocket after using my Register Rewards and got even more. 'The Office' game is for Matt. He loves that show. We will enjoy playing it. The game is on clearance for $4.00!
The baking dishes are on clearance for $3.69!
Purell (8 ounces) hand sanitizer are $2.99 each and giving back $2.00 in Register Rewards. Plus, I had 2 coupons for $0.50 off 1. This is a good price if you need hand sanitizer for work like I do.

Grandma and Grandpa, I hope you both know I had a nice time seeing you both. I will be sure to come again soon. One day, you need to come visit us. Remember, I have an extra bedroom with a bed in it.
I would love to have you both over!
See you both soon!

It's Back From The Dead

As I type this, I am typing on top of my old TV tray.
If you remember my post from a few months ago, you know one side broke completely. I was sooo sad.
Well, as you can see, G fixed it for me!
Thank you!
Thank you a bunch!