Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wii Sports... At The Resort

G's birthday was last week so I stopped by today with his present from me and my brother.
We bought him Wii Sports Resort. (I also won him 2 mugs at Dave and Buster's if you remember.)
It was a good gift to give him.
Lots of fun watching him put the regular remote into the motion sensor one without reading the directions.
Just so you know, the first time you play this, you can watch instructions on how to do it if you are like G. and do not want to read the booklet.
This is my Mii and Wyatt.
Actually, the dog is on there for the Frisbee game. But I think he can be Wyatt.
Wyatt is a good boy and sits in his car seat I got him awhile ago but he never uses.
However, he is now going to learn how to sit in it. It is safer for him and me if he is not in my lap.
This is only his third time in it.
He does not like it at first. He tries to get out of it.
As you can see, he eventually just sits down and enjoys the ride.
He always faces me in it... today, he was still facing me, but was also looking outside.

Can we say PROGRESS?!?!?
(He sits behind the passenger seat.)
When we got home he didn't even try to get out of the seat. Guess he wanted to go somewhere else.

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