Sunday, September 6, 2009

Where I Print And Clip My Coupons

Since there are no coupons in the newspaper today, I thought I should list which website I visit to print coupons from the Internet.

But first, some useful tips.

1. Print in black and white (grayscale) to save money on ink. Black ink is much more cheaper then color ink so just change the setting for your printer.

2. Try to print as many coupons on one page as you can. For example, if a coupon only took half a page, I will print on the other side when I print the coupon a second time. Just do not overlap coupons. Once you print a few coupons, you will begin to see how they print which will help you.

3. All online coupons will allow you to print them at least twice (almost all of them will only let you print them twice). To do this, click "back" and then "refresh".

I like to use zip code "90210" since I have found you can get the most coupons.

Game coupons here

People list links to coupons at these two sites

Also, check with your favorite brand's website. Sometimes they will have coupons for you to print.

Good luck finding some good coupons!!

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