Sunday, September 27, 2009

Table Wrap!

Look what my mom and G bought me yesterday!
Mom was so excited she brought it to my house after they left the store.
It is a Tupperware to store all your wrapping items. You can place it under your bed when it is not needed. when you do need it, the bottom has legs that fold out to become a table.
Look on the left of the table, it can hold a roll of wrapping paper.
Now look on the left, it can hold your scissors, tape, and any other item you are using.
(You can move these 2 removable items to either side or even in the back!)
I like it a lot!
I have already transferred my stuff to it. I should have took a before picture. Of course, I never think of these things at the time. Oh well.

Here is what it looks like now that I have moved all my wrapping items into it.
This is the top...
The inside...
Cool, right?

It held almost everything, except the big boxes and bags. I also placed 2 new HEAVY rolls of Christmas wrapping paper into the old container I was using. I also, at the last minute, realized I needed to put the removable pieces into the old container since I had no room for them.
(Nosy Wyatt!)

So although I am using 2 containers, I LOVE MY NEW ONE!!!
This just means I now have more room and can buy more stuff when it is on clearance after Christmas!!!

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