Saturday, September 12, 2009

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

I went with my parents to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom!
About 3 hours of traveling....each way!!!
And we did it all in one day (the dogs were at home alone.)
I am just posting some pictures for you to see.
These are the views we saw from the Ferris Wheel.
(Look further down to see the Ferris Wheel.)
Mom chickened out on us and decided not to ride this.
Mom, here are the views you missed.

I wasn't sure where to put this since I do not see a picture of this ride, but I needed to call my mom out on here.
You know the "rafting" ride where up to 8 people can sit in a circular boat and it goes through the water and you can get wet?
I hope you do.
Okay, now for my story...
I did not want to ride it.
I do not like being wet.
But I decided to ride it since my mom wanted to go on it and at this point, she had not been on any rides.
So we go to the ride and actually get on it and we start to buckle our seat belts... my mom gets up claiming she isn't riding it.
To make a long story short, G. and me got REALLY wet!
Not soaked, but wet enough!
My mom set us up!
She claims she didn't, but I know she did!
I just wanted to make sure everyone knows how she did the two of us wrong.
Tell all your friends!
Me and G. rode all "the big people" rides except for this green one. I was too chicken to ride it. It shoots you forward, you go around a loop (upside down), and then go straight up to the end. (Look closely at the picture.)
Then, you do it all again but backwards.
I would like this ride except for the backwards part.
That would scare me too much!

That yellow roller coaster is the CHANG or CHONG (not sure what it was called).... it was awesome!
You are standing while on the roller coaster. It is kinda weird. Word of advice.... don't lock your knees. All the bumping back and forth will probably bother them.
The Ferris wheel we were on which enabled me to take these pictures.
Check out this bucket!!!
It was $9.00 minus $1.00 coupon (even at Six Flags I like to use coupons).
I got the bucket with cotton candy.
I read the sign and it said refills are $1
Well, when I bought mine, the guy put a wrist band on my wrist for FREE cotton candy or popcorn refills all day!
I got three servings during the day.
It was good.
Thank you mom and G. for everything!
I had lots of fun!

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  1. Sorry. You enjoyed the ride none the less. Glad you had fun!