Sunday, September 6, 2009

Does He Have A Home?

Remember the kitten I told you about?
Do you remember how I said Maggie from work was willing to take him in but when she came over I could not find him?

I saw him about 4 or 5 days ago and I have seen him almost everyday since.
He has a green collar on with a bell.
So I assume someone took him in.

I was happy at first, but now I see he must be an outside cat.

This would be okay if he had someone to sleep during these cold nights.

Every time I go outside he comes to me and rubs his body on my leg. I pick him up since he is cute and he instantly begins to purr when I pet him.
(He must not get much attention)

I have been feeding him, and each time I do, he gobbles it up quickly.
I think he is hungry...not being fed.

Tonight, I let Wyatt out to go potty and the cat came to me. Same routine as normal. I gave him food, he gobbled....

I felt bad when I closed the door to him. I wanted to come inside and get into bed. He has no where to sleep. I hope he will be okay. At least he has a full belly and some cold water to drink.

Do you think I should give him to Maggie???
Or should I just leave him be???
I'm torn!!!

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