Sunday, September 27, 2009

Canvas Baskets at Belk

Aren't these cute???
I had seen these at Belk awhile ago and liked them but was not paying the price they were charging. (They are regularly $20.00 each and always on some sort of sale.)
Well, yesterday they were 70% off plus 15% off with a coupon and then my 20% off.
With tax, I got all 3 for about $13.00
I checked Hobby Lobby to see how much they had canvas baskets for before buying these... they do have a big selection... Belk only had 2 sizes with these colors or dark pink and brown... but, they were a lot more money at Hobby Lobby. I know they will still be 70% off since sales only usually change on Monday and Thursday but I am not sure if there is still a coupon available. Worth a check if you want some for yourself.

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