Saturday, September 26, 2009

ATM Scare

Wednesday night after dinner, I went to the ATM at my bank. The same one I usually always go to.
I got in line….
Pulled up to the machine….
Placed my card in the slot…
Touched the numbers which were my password…
Clicked “Enter” on the screen…
Clicked “$200”…
Waited and waited some more…
The machine made noises like it was counting the money. (It did this about 4 times.)
It finally spit my card out without my money or my receipt.
I put my card in again and checked the balance.
I panicked since I thought it was short $200.
I checked it again….same thing.
I stupidly pulled forward and told the two cars behind me it didn’t give me my money. Both of them left to find another ATM.
I pulled around back to the ATM so I could be in front of it. (Maybe I thought I was guarding it in case my money came out.)
I called the 1-800 number and listened to the automated prompts tell me $200 had been taken out from my account.
I wanted to cry.
I called my mom who told me to call again.
I kept telling the automated system “help” and “customer service” until I finally got a live person.
Thankfully, she told me she saw I had tried to take out $200 but she also saw it was revoked and the money was put back into my account.
She was even nice enough to tell me all my recent activity. She was believable, but I had to see for myself. So I checked my bank online when I got home and this morning. It was all okay.
I hope this never happens to me again.
Needless to say, I will not be going to the ATM for awhile.

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