Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Coupons And A Pink Bag

Click these pictures to see them better.
Right now, go HERE and print your coupons for a FREE Pink Bag for breast cancer awareness month with certain purchases. I plan on going there this week to see if I can just buy a few. I'll let you know.
These coupons I got in the weekly newspaper mailer.
These are some good coupons!

$5 Used Movies

(This post is mostly for my brother.)
Just wanted to let you know right now through October 14th, Hollywood Video has all there used movies for $5!
This is the max price I ever pay for movies..... It is a good deal!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

P&G Coupons Support Breast Cancer Research

Make sure you go and buy the paper today.
Not only are there 3 coupon inserts, but P&G are supporting breast cancer research.
(October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.)

For every P&G coupon redeemed, they will donate $0.02 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

If you do not coupon, now is a good time to start!!!

Table Wrap!

Look what my mom and G bought me yesterday!
Mom was so excited she brought it to my house after they left the store.
It is a Tupperware to store all your wrapping items. You can place it under your bed when it is not needed. when you do need it, the bottom has legs that fold out to become a table.
Look on the left of the table, it can hold a roll of wrapping paper.
Now look on the left, it can hold your scissors, tape, and any other item you are using.
(You can move these 2 removable items to either side or even in the back!)
I like it a lot!
I have already transferred my stuff to it. I should have took a before picture. Of course, I never think of these things at the time. Oh well.

Here is what it looks like now that I have moved all my wrapping items into it.
This is the top...
The inside...
Cool, right?

It held almost everything, except the big boxes and bags. I also placed 2 new HEAVY rolls of Christmas wrapping paper into the old container I was using. I also, at the last minute, realized I needed to put the removable pieces into the old container since I had no room for them.
(Nosy Wyatt!)

So although I am using 2 containers, I LOVE MY NEW ONE!!!
This just means I now have more room and can buy more stuff when it is on clearance after Christmas!!!

Canvas Baskets at Belk

Aren't these cute???
I had seen these at Belk awhile ago and liked them but was not paying the price they were charging. (They are regularly $20.00 each and always on some sort of sale.)
Well, yesterday they were 70% off plus 15% off with a coupon and then my 20% off.
With tax, I got all 3 for about $13.00
I checked Hobby Lobby to see how much they had canvas baskets for before buying these... they do have a big selection... Belk only had 2 sizes with these colors or dark pink and brown... but, they were a lot more money at Hobby Lobby. I know they will still be 70% off since sales only usually change on Monday and Thursday but I am not sure if there is still a coupon available. Worth a check if you want some for yourself.

Glade Candles - 10 For $0.92

(Sorry, I meant to post this last week.)
I never get good deals like this so I decided to post it even though none of my family and/or friends and take advantage of this.
meaning, this post is really for anyone who just stumbles upon my blog.
If you have access to go to a Military Commissary, and you have 5 $3.00 off any 2 Glade candles products, you too can have this wonderful deal!
The smaller candles are $1.16 each and the bigger ones are $2.24 each.
Since I was there with Matt's sister, I didn't want to try and see if it would give me overage. So I just made sure everything would cost more then the amount of the coupons ($15.00).
I bought 6 small ones and 4 larger for a total of $15.92 before coupons and $0.92 after coupons!
Wish I could have gotten more!!!
What a deal!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

FREE Bath and Body Hand Soap Coupon

FREE Bath and Body hand soap coupon good to use until Sunday (Sept. 27) with ANY purchase.
I will go get me one today and buy something for $1 or so. Sometimes you can find cheap clearance. If not, the travel items are $1.50.

ATM Scare

Wednesday night after dinner, I went to the ATM at my bank. The same one I usually always go to.
I got in line….
Pulled up to the machine….
Placed my card in the slot…
Touched the numbers which were my password…
Clicked “Enter” on the screen…
Clicked “$200”…
Waited and waited some more…
The machine made noises like it was counting the money. (It did this about 4 times.)
It finally spit my card out without my money or my receipt.
I put my card in again and checked the balance.
I panicked since I thought it was short $200.
I checked it again….same thing.
I stupidly pulled forward and told the two cars behind me it didn’t give me my money. Both of them left to find another ATM.
I pulled around back to the ATM so I could be in front of it. (Maybe I thought I was guarding it in case my money came out.)
I called the 1-800 number and listened to the automated prompts tell me $200 had been taken out from my account.
I wanted to cry.
I called my mom who told me to call again.
I kept telling the automated system “help” and “customer service” until I finally got a live person.
Thankfully, she told me she saw I had tried to take out $200 but she also saw it was revoked and the money was put back into my account.
She was even nice enough to tell me all my recent activity. She was believable, but I had to see for myself. So I checked my bank online when I got home and this morning. It was all okay.
I hope this never happens to me again.
Needless to say, I will not be going to the ATM for awhile.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Triple Couponing

All this for $56.94!!!!!!!!!!!!

Between Kroger and Harris Teeter, this is what I got.
(The Mallow Cups were $0.50 each. Matt wanted 6 of these since he never sees them anymore.... so that was $3.00 right there.)

Some of my best buys:
  • Kroger - Tyson Chicken Strips (7)
  • Reg. $3.99 On sale for $2.99
  • Used 7 $0.75 off coupons ($1.65)
  • =$1.45 each

  • Kroger - Steam Fresh Veggies (5)
  • On sale for $1.67
  • Used 5 $0.50 off coupons ($1.50)
  • =$0.17 each

  • Harris Teeter - Smart Balance Butter (2) (one on each card)
  • Reg. $3.49 On sale for B1G1 free - $1.75
  • Used 2 $1.50 off coupons
  • =$0.25 each

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wii Sports... At The Resort

G's birthday was last week so I stopped by today with his present from me and my brother.
We bought him Wii Sports Resort. (I also won him 2 mugs at Dave and Buster's if you remember.)
It was a good gift to give him.
Lots of fun watching him put the regular remote into the motion sensor one without reading the directions.
Just so you know, the first time you play this, you can watch instructions on how to do it if you are like G. and do not want to read the booklet.
This is my Mii and Wyatt.
Actually, the dog is on there for the Frisbee game. But I think he can be Wyatt.
Wyatt is a good boy and sits in his car seat I got him awhile ago but he never uses.
However, he is now going to learn how to sit in it. It is safer for him and me if he is not in my lap.
This is only his third time in it.
He does not like it at first. He tries to get out of it.
As you can see, he eventually just sits down and enjoys the ride.
He always faces me in it... today, he was still facing me, but was also looking outside.

Can we say PROGRESS?!?!?
(He sits behind the passenger seat.)
When we got home he didn't even try to get out of the seat. Guess he wanted to go somewhere else.

Tennessean Coupons

Don't forget to head out to Walgreens and get a newspaper today.
They are still $0.99 if you buy The Tennessean.
While there, if you need pantyliners they are $1.99 with $2 Register Rewards making these FREE!
Or, if you have the $1.00 off coupon from last week's newspaper, these are $1.00 MONEY MAKER!!!
You will get 5 coupon inserts today!
I have already looked through mine and there are some really good coupons. I suggest you buy a few.
This week starting on Wednesday, Harris Teeter is having triple coupons up to $0.99
You can use a bunch of these coupons to get items for free or close to free.

Frozen Tomatoes

Maggie gave me some of her last tomatoes which made me decide to freeze them so I could have some for my chili.
All I did was placed them in boiling water for about 30 seconds.
Next I placed them into cold water.
Peeled and cored.
Placed them into a freezer Ziploc bag and removed all the air.


I fully intend to do this next year with even more.
I really thought there would be more to it, but there was not.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's Good To Laugh

For your viewing pleasures!

Our lunch entertainment!

The "guys" got the viewers involved in the dancing. I liked the interactive nature of this!

Of course, I am too self-conscious to get out there and do anything myself... I would make a fool of me!

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

I went with my parents to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom!
About 3 hours of traveling....each way!!!
And we did it all in one day (the dogs were at home alone.)
I am just posting some pictures for you to see.
These are the views we saw from the Ferris Wheel.
(Look further down to see the Ferris Wheel.)
Mom chickened out on us and decided not to ride this.
Mom, here are the views you missed.

I wasn't sure where to put this since I do not see a picture of this ride, but I needed to call my mom out on here.
You know the "rafting" ride where up to 8 people can sit in a circular boat and it goes through the water and you can get wet?
I hope you do.
Okay, now for my story...
I did not want to ride it.
I do not like being wet.
But I decided to ride it since my mom wanted to go on it and at this point, she had not been on any rides.
So we go to the ride and actually get on it and we start to buckle our seat belts... my mom gets up claiming she isn't riding it.
To make a long story short, G. and me got REALLY wet!
Not soaked, but wet enough!
My mom set us up!
She claims she didn't, but I know she did!
I just wanted to make sure everyone knows how she did the two of us wrong.
Tell all your friends!
Me and G. rode all "the big people" rides except for this green one. I was too chicken to ride it. It shoots you forward, you go around a loop (upside down), and then go straight up to the end. (Look closely at the picture.)
Then, you do it all again but backwards.
I would like this ride except for the backwards part.
That would scare me too much!

That yellow roller coaster is the CHANG or CHONG (not sure what it was called).... it was awesome!
You are standing while on the roller coaster. It is kinda weird. Word of advice.... don't lock your knees. All the bumping back and forth will probably bother them.
The Ferris wheel we were on which enabled me to take these pictures.
Check out this bucket!!!
It was $9.00 minus $1.00 coupon (even at Six Flags I like to use coupons).
I got the bucket with cotton candy.
I read the sign and it said refills are $1
Well, when I bought mine, the guy put a wrist band on my wrist for FREE cotton candy or popcorn refills all day!
I got three servings during the day.
It was good.
Thank you mom and G. for everything!
I had lots of fun!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Great Coupon Week

This Sunday's newspaper will be worth buying.

There will be 5 (I repeat, 5) coupon inserts!

So make sure you go buy at least 1 newspaper.

I plan on buying 4 or 5!

Matt Was Holding Out With Freebies

As you know, I always send freebies to me and Matt so I will have 2 of everything.
(I love freebies!!!)
Look what Matt had and gave me in one swoop:
He was holding out for a few weeks to give me lots.
How nice.
Like I said, I love free stuff!

He Has A New Home

I decided to give the kitten to Maggie from work.
So glad he has a home now!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Free September RedBox Code

I googled the FREE Redbox Code for today.

This is valid today only (Sept. 7, 2009).

If you have nothing planned for today, you should rent a movie.

Remember, the code will only work once on each credit card.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Does He Have A Home?

Remember the kitten I told you about?
Do you remember how I said Maggie from work was willing to take him in but when she came over I could not find him?

I saw him about 4 or 5 days ago and I have seen him almost everyday since.
He has a green collar on with a bell.
So I assume someone took him in.

I was happy at first, but now I see he must be an outside cat.

This would be okay if he had someone to sleep during these cold nights.

Every time I go outside he comes to me and rubs his body on my leg. I pick him up since he is cute and he instantly begins to purr when I pet him.
(He must not get much attention)

I have been feeding him, and each time I do, he gobbles it up quickly.
I think he is hungry...not being fed.

Tonight, I let Wyatt out to go potty and the cat came to me. Same routine as normal. I gave him food, he gobbled....

I felt bad when I closed the door to him. I wanted to come inside and get into bed. He has no where to sleep. I hope he will be okay. At least he has a full belly and some cold water to drink.

Do you think I should give him to Maggie???
Or should I just leave him be???
I'm torn!!!

Neato Vintage Coupons

I was bored this morning and was searching for pictures of coupons (funny ones) when I came across these old/vintage coupons from years ago.
I thought, "WOW! This would be neat to post so others can see!"

If I ever see one of these, I would frame it!
I know, I am weird, but who cares!
CLICK HERE to see more vintage/old coupons from flickr.
Does anyone remember these coupons?

Where I Print And Clip My Coupons

Since there are no coupons in the newspaper today, I thought I should list which website I visit to print coupons from the Internet.

But first, some useful tips.

1. Print in black and white (grayscale) to save money on ink. Black ink is much more cheaper then color ink so just change the setting for your printer.

2. Try to print as many coupons on one page as you can. For example, if a coupon only took half a page, I will print on the other side when I print the coupon a second time. Just do not overlap coupons. Once you print a few coupons, you will begin to see how they print which will help you.

3. All online coupons will allow you to print them at least twice (almost all of them will only let you print them twice). To do this, click "back" and then "refresh".

I like to use zip code "90210" since I have found you can get the most coupons.

Game coupons here

People list links to coupons at these two sites

Also, check with your favorite brand's website. Sometimes they will have coupons for you to print.

Good luck finding some good coupons!!

No Coupons

I just wanted to remind you there will be no coupons in today's newspaper due to the holiday.

So if you only buy a paper for the coupons like me, do not buy it this week.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Blankets And Clothes

I got all this for about $20.00 at Belk today.
I like to stock up on baby shower items whenever I can get them very inexpensive.
The baby blankets are 75% off.
The baby outfits were a return. They were also 75% off.
Notice they both have giraffes on them.
(I wanna keep them for myself...especially the yellow one.)
Look at the butt!