Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wyatt Made A Friend

A few weeks ago, there was a small kitten outside.
Wyatt tried to play with her, but the kitten did not want to play with him.
Well, Friday night, the kitten was back!!!
Wyatt wanted to play with her, but she was afraid of him. I just sat outside for awhile petting them both. I gave the kitten some cat food I had gotten free after coupons shortly after I had seen her the first time.
She sure was thirsty!
Saturday morning, she was still outside. Only this time, she wanted to play with Wyatt and he was afraid!
(If you have ever met Wyatt, you know he is a big scardy cat!)

This is her slouching down behind a bush getting ready to run and jump on Wyatt.
It was so cute!
He did not like it though.
It was a nice day out so I had my window open.
The cat wanted in.
Kept meowing and scratching at the door and waiting.
I think this is when Wyatt and her became friends.
An hour or so later she left.
I let Wyatt outside who went and looked for her.
When we came back in, here is what he did.

I think he misses her....
I did not see her this morning.
I am sure we will see her again in a few weeks.

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