Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TV Bowling With The Wii

My mom and her husband bought a Wii!!!
I am kinda shocked they bought one.
Both me and her husband had been wanting one last Christmas.
Who knows, maybe I will just love it!
If I do, I know how to buy it....cancel my WW and gym membership.
We will see!
I was off from work yesterday and decided to stop by and try it out.
I played two rounds of bowling (I was awful! My score was 42 and then 71... not good at all.)
I then played two rounds of tennis (I lost both games... 2 out 3 wins.)
Next time, I plan on reading the directions before playing.
I did not realize you had to play the way you would in real life.
Plus, I was kinda tired after playing for about 25 minutes!!!!
I think it would be more fun to play with someone.
I will have to stop by this weekend.
Maybe the Wii really can get you in shape!

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