Monday, August 17, 2009

Day Off With My Fan

Imagine, your perfect day off...
Nice temperature of 78 degrees with sun and a breeze...
Swimming in your very own pool with no noise...
Cold flavored water in a cooler...
Fresh cut fruits and homemade sandwiches in the same cooler...
It is Monday and I am off work....
Nice right?
Except, the day mentioned above is not my day at all!
It is Monday...
And I am off work using a vacation day....
Only, it is not under the best of circumstances.
I am using a vacation day today since I have to use my remaining 5 days before September 11 which is when I might not have a job anymore.
You see, I currently work for someone who only has "a job" till then. On September 12, a new company will be taking over. I have to apply and go through an interview to keep my current job with this new company. And being that life is not perfect, I am not guaranteed a spot. So only time will tell.
So I took off today to give myself a three day weekend to get some stuff done.
Which I did and am still doing.
I slept in till 8:30!! (That is 2 and a half hours longer then I would have been able to sleep if I had to go to work today.)
I have paid all my bills.
Washed 2 loads of laundry (the second load is in the dryer and then I will fold and hang them all up).
Made lunch.
Watched TV.
Planned to apply for more jobs. (I really will do it later this afternoon. I promise!)
Returned my movies to Redbox.
Went to Walgreens.
Walgreens is the real reason I am writing this blog.
I went there to pick up my developed film (more on that later) and to buy two more packages of baby wipes.
Last Sunday I had seen Walgreens had there fans all half off.
I never did buy one.
I attempted to at one point, but it rang up full price and the guy said that is what it was ringing even though the store sign said half off. So needless to say, I did not buy it.
Well, I went there today and they were half off again (they were not yesterday).
I decided to buy one.
I like fans. I love my ceiling ones!
I thought it would be nice to have one blow on me directly.
So I picked out the same one I wanted when I was there last weekend with my mom.
I would like to point out that I put this together ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!
Go me!!!
Here is a closer picture of the box in case you want this one.
I think it is a good fan. I was a little nervous since I had never heard of the brand, but I liked it since it had a remote. (I'm lazy!)
It does make some noise, but the fan and the remote work really well. The remote took 2 triple A batteries. When you press any button on the remote, it makes a beep sound. I like that too!
Wanna know how much I paid?
I'll tell you.
So half off $40.00 is $20.00.
I used $12.00 in register Rewards.
Bought 50 pictures (more on that in a minute)
1 package of Huggie wipes
1 $0.49 roll of toilet paper (filler item)
For a grand total of $11.49!
Plus, I got a mail-in rebate form for $10.00!!!
So in the end, I will have gotten all that for $1.46!
Don't be!
You can get your own for $20.00 then the $10.00 mail-in rebate form.
Make sure it rings up half off. Mine didn't and it had to be price adjusted. They were nice about it.
I already mailed mine off when I got home so in 8 to 10 weeks I will get my rebate check!
(The rebate form did not say to mail in the receipt or UPC so I did nto include it. I hope I didn't have to.)
About the picture I bought.... right now on when you order 25 pictures (today only), use the coupon code "PENNY"
You will receive your 25 pictures for $0.25!!!
I have two email accounts and did this twice!

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