Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Awesome Clearance Deals

So I went to Kroger on Sunday to get a few groceries and I came across these nice ice cream dishes. They are on clearance for $0.62 each.
When I got home I realized these would make great Christmas gifts so I went out and got some more. I figured I could not go wrong with these. Who wouldn't want them?
Went to Target yesterday. They have a bunch of toys on clearance. I bought this game for $5.00 ... was $20 to begin with. I had also bought hand held Tetris for the same price. If I had kids I would stock up on gifts for birthdays and Christmas. You should check it out if you need to buy any gifts.
I hope this game is fun.
It looks like it will be.
I plan on playing it this weekend.

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