Monday, July 6, 2009

World of Coke Soda Pop

We went to the World Of Coco- Cola!

It was $15 a person to get in. (Thank you mom and G for paying!)
When you were done with your tour, you got to take a bottle of Coke home with you. i plan on keeping mine! The Coke we got to keep was made in the building we were in.

At the end of the tour, you got to try soda from around the world.
It was neat!
I got to do this before at Disney World - Epcot.
My favorite soda was one sold in France (not sure what it was called.)
(I know this is blurry...sorry!)
The Cola bear!

Pretty bottles....

Neat merchandise on display....

This was a neat place to visit too!
I just wish it had not been so crowded!
We were going to go to the aquarium....but it was WAY too busy!

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