Sunday, July 5, 2009

Welcome To Stone Mountain Park

I am not sure why, but these pictures are not exactly in the order I wanted them to be in. I guess they will have to do though since I am trying to hurry up and get this done so I can go to sleep.
This is Stone Mountain Park.
It is literally, a mountain of stone.
It is crazy!
Wait till you see some of the other pictures.
At first I was annoyed it cost $10 to get in, but in the end, it was worth it. (My mom paid so I should not have been annoyed, but I hate wasting anyone's money.... Like I said though, it was worth it!)
On this stone mountain their are paths you can follow to get up it, or you can take this lift to the top.
We, however, did not climb up it all all. we just went on it. My brother wanted to climb it.... and maybe he will one day...

A carving on one of the sides. I cannot remember who they are now.

We got lucky my mom missed the parking area she wanted to park at. We stopped at the next place which is where we decided to get out of the car and see if we could get a closer look to get some pictures.
We got such a beautiful view!
Much better then we thought we would get.
Some mistakes end up being better then the outcome would have been to begin with. Luckily, this was one of those times.

This is what the stone looked like up close.

The guys going up the stone a bit.
You could feel the heat coming off the stone!

Crazy how trees grow in it!!

This train went around the whole mountain.

It was fun waving to the people and having them wave back!

This was definitely worth visiting!

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