Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tim The Tool Man Taylor And Then Some

I got me some more good movie deals!!!
I know I don't need them, but I love watching movies!
I especially like getting them for great deals!
Let me show you what I have bought in the past few days.
I have my presenter...Wyatt...

I found Season 5 of Home Improvement on clearance at Target for $7.49
This is the first season of this show I have purchased. I bought it since I enjoy the show and soon might not have cable. (Who am I kidding, I'll probably pay how ever much money I have to in order to keep it - even though I do not want to. I have to make a decision within the next week or two. I will let you know what I decide.)

Did you see Wyatt's tongue?

Find it one more time...
I bought these movies from the local website here which is like
I bought them both for $5.
Both movies are really good.

I bought these two movies from the same site but from a different seller.
These were brand new movies.
They had never been open.

The lady had them on sale for $10 each or for best offer.
I offered her $5 for Oliver and Company.
She agreed.
I then asked if she would be willing to sell them both for a good deal.
She said she would take $8 for them both.
I love Disney movies!!!
They are my favorite!!!

So about $21 for 4 movies and one box set!


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