Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Love Vacations!

We are back from Atlanta, GA!!!

Well actually, we arrived home Sunday night.
I love vacation, but it is always good to come home!
There is truly no place like home!

I would have posted on here that I was leaving, but I am paranoid. You never know who is reading what you write and who knows if someone wants to break into my home when I am not there. I am glad to report my home, as well as my parents’ home, was not tampered with in any way! Thankfully!

We all had a nice time while in GA. Only my mom’s husband had ever been there. The rest of us had only ever really drove through Atlanta. My brother plans to move down there one day so the whole purpose of this trip was to see if he liked it there. As far as I know, he did.

We got to do some tourist activities while there as well. Some of the things we did were we visited the World of Coco-Cola, saw the fireworks at Centennial Park, saw Stone Mountain, and shopped. All fun activities!
And like any good vacation, we ate LOTS of food!

The next few posts are devoted to our visit to Atlanta, GA.

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