Monday, July 27, 2009

Fresh From Melinda's Garden

Tomato and Banana Pepper!
Look what my co-worker, Melinda, gave me today.
I ate both veggies after work. I only intended to try the banana pepper to see if I liked it and to see if it was hot.
Well, it is not hot. It is yummy though!
I ate the tomato with some cheese, Italian seasoning and Italian dressing. I love tomatoes like this! And this one was very juicy and fresh.... just the way I like them!
I love fresh veggies and fruit!
I cannot wait to own my own home and plant a small garden.
Matt's mom gave me more corn, zucchini and tomatoes over the weekend. We already ate the corn and one zucchini.
It all tasted so good!!
Thank you to both of you for the good eats!
(Neither person reads my blog)
Another co-worker of mine is going to bring my cucumbers on Wednesday! I am very excited! I love cucumbers! I will post a picture when I get them.

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