Saturday, July 18, 2009

Don't Close My Rest Stop!

I ran across an interesting article online the other day off the main page of MSN. It was talking about how due to the economy, many states are closing their rest stops along the interstate. Some states are closing all of them while other states were only closing a few. They are doing this because they do not have the funds needed to keep these open. I don't believe all states are having to close rest stops. (YAY!)

Well, here is my take on this story....

I understand the economy is not going well and it takes money to staff and maintain these building and sites which the states simply do not have. But I, like many people, feel these are a necessity. I enjoy going to rest areas! I like the convenience of being able to just stop, go pee, and walk around to stretch my legs. What happens if I bring Wyatt with me on a trip? Where will he relieve himself? It is not very easy to find a nice area to walk him when you travel unless you go to these rest stops. Rest stops are very pet friendly!

And what about truck drivers? I know most of them have bathrooms in their truck so they can stop anywhere, but I am sure they must like stopping at a normal rest area sometimes.

What about parents? If I had children, I would want to stop at rest areas to let my children play and eat. I like the idea of bringing sandwiches and juice boxes to have a picnic.

I especially like going to the first rest stop when you enter a state. I like to get the brochures so I know what there is to do in that state and what I want to do. I still enjoy going to the Tennessee rest stop to see if there are any new things to do in this great state.

On the way to Chattanooga TN there is a wonderful rest stop that over looks the water. We stopped there over the 4th of July weekend.... TONS of people were also stopped there. It is just a nice to stop on your journey to use the restroom and relax for a little bit. This one also had a very nice area to eat a packed lunch and to walk your dog.

Why do they always seem to take away what is really needed? I sure hope Tennessee does not have to cut their rest areas from their budget. I realize this is an expense, but in the big picture, is it really that much money? I cannot imagine it is.

You can read the full story HERE

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